Col-Met Paint Booths

Col-Met Paint Booths are engineered to deliver a clean, safe, and productive working environment while decreasing production costs and increasing profits. Click to browse through the different booth configurations Col-Met offers for the Industrial, Truck & Large Equipment, and Automotive marketplaces.

Col-Met Industrial Paint Booths

Col-Met Industrial Paint Booths are diverse and comprehensive lines of finishing equipment that can meet the high demands of all industrial work environments.  They are well suited for both batch and automated production systems and are built to last with premium components and performance boosting specifications.  They are fully customizable to your needs and can be designed in a variety of sizes / configurations to meet your needs.

  1. Open Front
  2. Open Front Bench
  3. Enclosed
  4. Industrial Exhaust Chambers
  5. Paint Mixing Rooms

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Col-Met Trucks & Large Equipment Paint Booths

Col-Met Trucks & Large Equipment Paint Booths (and other high-capacity industrial finishing applications) has an enhanced, engineered design.  Structural steel is used every 10 feet of length along with 14 gauge panels to strengthen the booth’s integrity while providing enough space to accommodate larger equipment. They also feature full illumination and exceptional ventilation for a professional finish every time.


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Col-Met Automotive Paint Booths

Col-Met Automotive Paint Booths are innovative, engineered systems designed to offer your shop / facility an easy to install, efficient, and effective solution to meet your finishing goals; whether your process calls for solvent based paint or an alternative.

  1. EZ Modified Downdraft
  2. EZ Classic Crossdraft
  3. EZ Side Downdraft
  4. EZ Pit Downdraft
  5. Finishing Prep Stations


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