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AERZEN is an international manufacturer of Positive Displacement Blowers, Hybrid Blowers, Turbo Blowers, and Compressors. Aerzen’s high-quality blowers are used in several low pressure, high volume air and gas applications in industrial wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying of bulk materials, and process gas conveying.

Aerzen G5 Delta BlowerAerzen G5 Delta Blower

The Aerzen Delta Blower Generation 5 is versatile and compact and can be deployed in the most challenging outdoor environments just as safely as in covered indoor spaces. They can be used as both standalone units and incorporated into complex assemblies. Operation-friendly & low maintenance design with space-saving side-by-side setup. The G5 blower maintains low noise levels with no absorption material in the silencer.

Intake volume flow from 20 cfm to 8,800 cfm




Aerzen Delta Hybrid Blower

Aerzen G5 Delta Hybrid Blower

The Aerzen G5 Delta Hybrid Blower brings together the benefits of blower and compressor technology in one single unit. This combination provides new possibilities in creating positive and negative pressure and features

energy savings up to 15%.

The Hybrid Blower can be used for an extensive range of industrial applications. It can be used anywhere, including areas with very high ambient temperatures or for applications with extreme intake temperatures. Processed air is 100% free of oil and absorption materials and features Reduced life-cycle costs with High levels of reliability and long service life.

Intake volume flow from 65 cfm to 5,300 cfm


Aerzen Turbo BlowerAerzen Turbo Blower

Aerzen Turbo Blowers are single-stage, high-speed radial, direct-drive turbo blowers designed to meet varying flow and pressure requirements in many different processes. This modern frequency-controlled, gearless driven machine along with lubricant-free aero bearings, guarantees an economical, reliable, and maintenance-free compressor operation.

Volume flow from 500 cfm to 20000 cfm




Aerzen Delta Screw CompressorAerzen Screw Compressors

The single-stage, oil-free screw compressors in the Aerzen Delta Screw Generation 5 plus series are universal tools. These innovative machines are belt-driven to provide air and nitrogen applications at positive pressure, negative pressure, and in a range of nominal sizes. The flexible modular system allows for almost any combination of compressors and accessory components.

Oil-free compression in the pressure range up to 4,5 bar (a) for volume flows from 120 m³/h to 2,650 m³/h (71 to 1450 cfm)




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