Local Food Processor

Due to an increase in demand for a new product, a local food processor had to quadruple the size of their facility. Their compressed air requirement went from 50 CFM to over 900 CFM at different times. Because of the varying demand of air flows, C.H. Reed recommended 3 Quincy QSI500i (500CFM) air compressors with Power$ync lift valves for 100% backup. Also installed was a 1200 CFM heated blower purge desiccant air dryer that delivers energy efficient, high quality air. Integrated into this system are thermostatically-controlled louver vents for fully automatic module temperature control in the compressor room. Lastly, 4” Transair aluminum compressed air piping was used to increase installation efficiencies. In the end, this customer now has a high degree of redundancy built into their compressed air system with enough CFM to keep up with fluctuating production demands.

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