New Air Assisted Airless Spray Guns From Binks – Trophy AA 1600 & 4400

Carlisle Fluid Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the all new Binks Trophy AA, Air Assisted Airless manual spray gun.  The new gun is available in two pressure setups, the Trophy AA 1600 (1600 psi – 110bar) and the Trophy AA 4400 (4400 psi – 303bar).  It is also available with a wide range of flat, fine-finish and twist tips to cover every type of industrial spray finishing applications.

The Binks Trophy AA combines industry experience, design and technology in an all-new Air Assisted Airless spray gun.  Designed to handle the toughest of applications, the Trophy AA is purpose built to maximize spray quality, increase efficiency, reduce downtime and be environmentally responsible, while providing the light-weight, ergonomically sculpted fit and feel that operators demand.  To learn more about this new spray gun, contact C.H. Reed.