Injection Molding Manufacturer

This customer’s goals were to have an energy efficient, reliable compressed air system to reduce costs associated with their production process.  With that in mind, C.H. Reed proposed and installed two Quincy 150HP VFD’s and two Quincy 75HP Power$ync compressors for maximum energy efficiency.  With complete redundancy, they can now rotate units to reduce run hours and maintenance costs per machine.  Additionally, a PPL Electric Utility rebate of $17,800 was obtained.  A flow controller was also installed to reduce tank pressure from 100psig to 90psig and a differential pressure storage was required to maintain constant system pressure.  All equipment was piped together using Transair Aluminum Pipe, featuring Y-pipes, which will reduce turbulence within the 4” manifold / eliminate back pressure.  It should be noted the new units replaced three Quincy 75HP modulating units running 24/7 since 1982.  This speaks to the quality and extended life cycle of Quincy products.

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