C.H. Reed Introduces New SaniForce Elevator By Graco

The Graco SaniForce Elevator is ideal for small to medium size companies who currently unload containers by scooping or by chains & hoists.  The SaniForce Elevator is used in sanitary applications to transfer low to medium viscosity fluids with SaniForce 2:1, 5:1, and 6:1 piston pumps.  It is FDA-compliant and ergonomically sound.  The articulating arm allows for multiple containers to be unloaded from the same location.  With mobile and stationary options available, the SaniForce Elevator will save you time and money by moving material faster and more efficient.  Check out this video as C.H. Reed walks you through the basics of the SaniForce Elevator:

For more information regarding new Graco technology, contact C.H. Reed today by email: technicalsales@chreed.com or by phone: 800.692.7216