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January 30, 2019

Save Money & Reduce Hazardous Waste with Solvent Distillation Recyclers


Hazardous Waste ReductionIf you’re in the industrial paint finishing business, being environmentally conscious and compliant has never been so easy and cost effective.  Clean-up generates the largest percentage of hazardous waste in all industrial paint spraying operations. Solvent is used to flush excess paint out of industrial paint spray equipment.  The amount of solvent required to clean the equipment depends on how much material is trapped inside the system.  Typically, the amount of solvent used to flush a system is roughly 3x the volume of the waste material trapped within the system.  When changing the color of material within a paint finishing system, the amount of solvent used can be up to 6x the volume of the material.  In most operations, a 55-gallon drum of waste has less than 10% of actual paint waste. (Even if it was double the amount in paint waste, you would still have 40-gallons of recyclable solvent in the drum that you’re just throwing away.)  If this is the case, you’re simply throwing money away.  But, there’s an easy solution.

BECCA Solvent Recovery Still Recyclers

BECCA Solvent Recovery Still Recyclers are the cleanest, safest, most reliable and cost-effective way to recover and recycle waste in the industry. BECCA solvent recyclers are engineered to greatly reduce your solvent purchases and your hazardous waste generation; substantially reducing your material and disposal costs and decreasing your footprint.

How do Solvent Distillation Recyclers Work?Save Money Recycle

Solvent distillation recyclers remove paint waste, pigments, solids, and other impurities from used solvents such as lacquer thinners and other reducers.  Through the distillation process, the used solvent is boiled to a vapor and then condensed back into a liquid, leaving the contaminant behind in the tank for recovery.  BECCA equipment has a tank with a specially designed bag liner, which contains the left-behind residues, that can easily and efficiently be removed and disposed of.  The collected solvents can be up to 99% pure; greatly reducing new solvent purchases and minimizing waste streams.

Solvent Distillation Recycling Case Study

A building materials supplier in Western Pennsylvania previously used a water-cooled solvent reclaim system that took over 10 hours to reclaim 15 gallons of used solvent.  The new BECCA solvent reclaim system that C.H. Reed installed for this customer is an air-cooled unit that reclaims 17.5 gallons of liquid waste in 7 hours.  After distillation of those 17.5 gallons of liquid waste, a solidified, cake-like residue remains in a special bag for safe and easy disposal; saving them time and money while reducing their footprint.  (Generally, companies that don’t use a solvent distillation recycling system like this would simply dispose of those 17.5 gallons of liquid waste without recycling any of the solvent; increasing new material purchases and contributing to negative environmental impacts.)

To learn more about solvent reclaim systems specific to your finishing operation, start the conversation by contacting C.H. Reed.

Solvent Reclaim System

Old, water-cooled solvent reclaim system


BECCA Solvent Recovery Still Recyclers

New BECCA 17.5 Gallon Solvent Reclaim System


Becca - Solvent Reclaim System

BECCA air-cooled solvent reclaim system


BECCA Solvent Reclaim System Waste

After distillation of 17.5 gallons of liquid waste, this is the residue you dispose of


BECCA Solvent Reclaim System Waste 2

Solidified waste after distillation




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