Summer is coming Final


Summer is well on its way, In fact, the hot / humid weather is already here. Is your refrigerated air dryer for your compressed air system ready? Water is naturally present in the air. The amount of water vapor held in the air is dictated by temperature. Simply put, the warmer the air, the more water it holds. If too much water is to remain in your compressed air system, the price is paid in the form of maintenance costs, pressure drops, equipment failure, and product quality losses. These are a just a few reasons that support the importance of specifying the proper drying technology for your given application.

Experience the benefits of having one of C.H. Reed’s factory trained, certified refrigeration technicians come to your facility and perform a thorough analysis of your compressed air dryers BEFORE the heat and humidity of summer completely overcome your system. A detailed checklist with readings, conditions, and recommendations will be issued upon inspection. The checkup includes recording operating conditions and comparison to design parameters for;

  • Temperature: ambient, inlet, outlet, suction, evaporator, water inlet, water outlet
  • Pressures: inlet, outlet, suction, head
  • Inspections of: Condenser coils, condensate drains, moisture separator filters, pre-filter element & drain, after-filter element & drain, water control valve, water leaks, and refrigerant leaks.

C.H. Reed is an authorized distributor and warranty station for most air treatment equipment with technicians qualified on all brands and sizes. Please contact us to schedule your inspection as soon as possible and be sure to ask about other specials on desiccant dryers and air system checkups.