C. H. Reed integrates and services Graco’s entire line of Plural Component Proportioners. Our integrated solutions offer precise and reliable proportioning for a broad range of solventborne, waterborne, and acid catalyzed materials. Graco proportioners improve productivity, provide consistently better finishes and offer the highest degree of ratio assurance by utilizing built-in system safeguards and automated material tracking and reporting.

Finishing Brands (Binks)

Accurately pump, meter, and mix catalyzed sealers and top coats with Binks Plural Component systems & guns.  Contact C.H. Reed today to see how Binks Plural Component Equipment can increase their process needs.

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C.H. Reed provides Nordson’s high-performance OptiMix plural-component mixing and proportioning units process both solvents and water-based paints.  They are designed for flexibility, efficiency, and high-quality paint coverage.

Finishing Brands (Ransburg)

Finishing Brands Ransburg utilizes the most efficient technologies when designing and manufacturing their finishing equipment, delivering an A+ finish while reducing VOC’s and providing extreme transfer efficiencies and atomization.