Centrifugal Air Compressor Maintenance

Just as with other compressors, regular and thorough maintenance of your centrifugal compressor can increase performance, reduce the incidences of breakdown and the subsequent downtime, and help your compressor become more energy-efficient.


Centrifugal Compressor Service You Can Count On

When it’s time to call a professional for compressor maintenance, it’s time to reach out to C.H. Reed. Whether you acquired your centrifugal air compressor from us or not, contact us to learn about key preventative maintenance tips that can yield performance improvements for your system. With 70 plus years in the business and a team of highly experienced air compressor service professionals, you won’t find a better company to make sure your centrifugal air compressor is running at optimal performance.

Centrifugal Air Compressor Maintenance Service Features

Although there are fewer moving internal components in a centrifugal air compressor than other types of compressors, there are two areas that require special attention when it comes to centrifugal air compressor maintenance — the rotors and the cooler components. Our maintenance and inspection procedures for these areas can include:

  • Debris Inspection: We will inspect your compressor for any inorganic debris or any sign of corrosive acids. Dirty compressors can result in fouled cooler tubes, which can lead to elevated temperatures and other impacts on performance.
  • Cooler Performance: It is important to regularly check the performance of your cooler by measuring the CTD, or cold temperature difference, which is the difference in temperature between the water entering the cooler and the air leaving the cooler. The CTD should be 15 degrees Fahrenheit or greater.
  • Moisture Check: We can check the water and air-sides and inspect the condensate drain to make sure they are clean and that moisture will not hurt your compressed air quality.
  • Condensate Removal Inspection: It is very important that the condensate removal system be clean to prevent contamination, which could damage many different parts of the compressor, including diffusers, impellers, and intercooler fins.

Other maintenance checks include, (but not limited to):

  • Check the condensate drains.
  • Alarms and trips.
  • Check operating data (Rotor vibration, temperatures, etc.)
  • Check for air/oil leaks.
  • Listen for unusual noises (Motor operating "rough", gasket leaks, impeller rub, compressor surge.)
  • Replace air filter elements, oil filter elements.
  • Obtain oil samples for quarterly analysis.
  • Control panel history, evaluate alarms and trips.
  • Inspect and clean intercooler/aftercooler tubes, replace all gaskets and seals.
  • Driver motor bearing maintenance, grease couplings, check fastener torques.
  • Inspect and test inlet and unloading valves, grease linkage, and bearings.
  • Inspect discharge check valve.
  • Note: All maintenance services will be performed according to the OEM's recommendations and service intervals.

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