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Powder Coating Equipment

Gain unprecedented control and functionality in your powder coating process by partnering with C.H. Reed. Nordson powder coating equipment provides reliable, repeatable coating performance with maximum efficiency and unsurpassed operator control.

nordson powder coating equipment

Nordson Powder Coating Equipment

From simple powder coating systems and applicator guns to bulk feed systems and high-tech, programmable powder technologies, Nordson powder coating equipment and C.H. Reed have you covered.

Carlisle Fluid Technologies MS Elite Series Manual Powder Cart

Carlisle Fluid Technologies’ MS Elite Series Powder Carts are versatile, easy-to-use, multifunctional systems for all your manual powder coating needs. Available in both vibratory box feed and fluid hopper configurations, single or dual applicators, and a variety of cable and hose lengths. Automatic cleaning function and built-in cleaning air purge valve comes standard. Color changes can be done in 30 seconds.

The ergonomic, advanced manual powder gun aims to be one of the lightest in its class, reducing operator fatigue and improving efficiency. On-gun controls allow for program and powder flow adjustments with ease. Controller is IP64 FM/ATEX rated, allowing for in-booth controller placement and operation. Featuring a 7-inch bright, colorful touchscreen with intuitive controls simplifies setup and operation. Get outstanding powder charging, high transfer efficiency, powder usage savings and more.

MS Elite Series Powder Cart

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What Is Powder Coating?

As the term implies, powder coating entails the controlled application of a dry powder to the work-piece. The application of the powder occurs via a process known as electrostatic spray deposition (ESD), which relies on a spray gun to distribute electrostatically charged powder particles on the surface of the substrate. Then, the coated parts enter a curing oven that produces a chemical reaction resulting in a high cross-link density of the molecules — and an extremely durable finish.

Surface preparation is a critical component of the powder coating process to ensure proper adhesion and a uniform coating distribution. Mechanical techniques such as shot peening and abrasive blasting can remove dirt, oil, lubricants, oxides, welding scale and other residues from the metal work-piece. In some situations, pre-treating the surface with chemicals will deliver better results.

What Are the Benefits of Implementing a Powder Coating System in Your Manufacturing Processes?

Powder coating can provide several advantages over painting and other commonly used finishing methods, including the following:nordson encore powder coating gun

  • Enhanced coating thickness: It’s possible to achieve a thicker coating application with powder instead of paint. Unlike paint, the powder does not run, drip or sag, which can ensure a more visually appealing finish.
  • Greater consistency of appearance: You’ll notice fewer differences between vertically and horizontally coated surfaces, which produces a more consistent look throughout the finished product.
  • Extra customization: The powder coating process is more amenable to the application of specialty finishes, offering greater flexibility to customize the work-piece’s appearance.
  • Quicker curing: Curing is much faster with powder coating than with other finishing techniques, helping to reduce overall production times.
  • More environmental friendliness: The powder coating process releases few, if any, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, which minimizes your environmental impact.

The Most Advanced Powder Coating Equipment on the Market

C.H. Reed is your one-stop headquarters in PA, MD, VA, DE, NY, OH and WV for superior powder coating equipment, including:

nordson powder coating gun

  • Nordson powder spray guns: A Nordson powder coating gun delivers a high level of spraying precision and efficiency. Available options range from simple, economical manual models to fully programmable automated systems that maximize productivity and save time. You’ll also get the benefit of faster color changes and a consistent finish, regardless of your industrial or manufacturing environment.
  • Nordson powder coating booths: Nordson also produces complete powder coating booth solutions. Choose from a variety of cyclone and cartridge systems that will deliver the efficiency and flexibility you need to maximize and support your coating applications, whether you implement single-color processes or ones that require quick and frequent color changes.

Why Choose C.H. Reed for Your Powder Coating Equipment Needs?

At C.H. Reed, we’ve been helping companies like yours improve productivity and efficiency since 1948. Besides offering high-quality powder coating equipment, we also provide a host of support services to enable you to maximize your system’s performance and longevity. And with convenient locations in the Pennsylvania cities of Hanover, Erie, Pittsburgh, and Milton, as well as in Cleveland, OH, we’re perfectly positioned to deliver prompt, reliable service to businesses throughout our expansive mid-Atlantic operating territory.

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