Compressed Air Group

The Compressed Air Group at C. H. Reed provides a wide assortment of sustainable solutions pertaining to your compressed air system needs. Providing complete system analysis, .C H. Reed can help you stay ahead of production demands.

Reciprocating Air Compressors

Reciprocating Air Compressors are designed to produce more compressed air at a lower horsepower, therefor, increasing energy efficiency and lowering operating costs.  When reliability is essential, C.H. Reed can deliver you the right reciprocating compressor to meet and exceed your industrial needs.

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Rotary Screw Air Compressors offer significant operational benefits. They provide an extreme reliable supply of clean, dry compressed air. Rotary compressors deliver many advantages that contribute to positive ROI. They reduce operating costs, create significant savings in labor, paint, and other materials, they produce better air quality that extends the life of you tools, and provide extreme reliability that keeps your employees working.

Centrifugal Air Compressors

Centrifugal air compressors are most effective when running at full capacity. They are best suited to applications that require constant demand. FS-Elliott Polaris Compressors are designed to deliver the high quality, energy efficiency, and ease of operation that make any industrial job more successful.

Oil Free Air Compressors

When your application requires clean air, without a hint of oil, oil free air compressors or oil-less air compressors is the way to go. Whether you’re a hospital, pharmaceutical company, food processing plant, laboratory, or dental office, C.H. Reed has the oil free solution for you.

Vacuum Compressors

Manufacturers across all industries depend heavily on vacuum compressors to deliver volumetric capacities to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. C.H. Reed can provide you the winning combination of vacuum technologies to meet your demands and save you money.

Air Treatment Equipment

From refrigerated and desiccant dryers to mist eliminators, flow controllers, and filters, C.H. Reed provides the latest air treatment equipment technologies that produce operating cost savings, performance, and reliability to keep your system running efficiently.

Compressed Air Piping and Cooling Systems

Aluminum Compressed Air Piping and Cooling Systems from Parker Transair is fast, flexible, and easy to modify. It’s components are reusable and interchangeable enabling immediate and easy layout modifications. It will not corrode overtime and truly balances your compressed air system.

C.H. Reed can meet the most rigorous demands with Hydrothrift Industrial Cooling Systems. Whether you need a standard cooling system or a custom-engineered solution, C.H. Reed can help.

Compressed Air Accessories

C.H. Reed offers an extensive amount of compressed air accessories to keep your facility operating smoothly. Filters, digital timer drain, magnetic drains, lubricants, oil-water separators, and nitrogen generators are just a few of the accessories offered to better improve the quality of your system.

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