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Oil-Free Air Compressors

If you have specific applications that call for oil-free compressed air in your manufacturing plant or other industrial facilities, a high-quality, oil-free air compressor is a requirement. Oil-free air compressors provide manufacturers and businesses with peace of mind by eliminating contamination risks, reducing operating costs, and reducing environmental impacts.


Types of Oil-Free Air Compressors

When your application requires clean air, without a hint of oil, oil-free air compressors or oil-less air compressors are the way to go. Whether you’re a hospital, pharmaceutical company, food processing plant, laboratory, or dental office, C.H. Reed has the oil-free solution for you. With that said, there are a few different kinds of oil-free air compressors to be aware of:

  • Oil-Free Reciprocating Air Compressors: Non-lubricated reciprocating compressors typically use a Teflon piston ring instead of oil. This Teflon ring acts as the substitute for lubrication for the pistons, rings, and cylinders because the Teflon material reduces wear. These Teflon rings will require regular replacement, but they present little contamination risk to the compressor’s air stream.
  • Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors: Oil-free rotary compressors opt for non-contacting carbon ring seals that aid their cooling. These seals prevent any chance that oil may enter the air stream inside the compressor.
  • Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressors: Scroll technology is an advanced air compression system that includes a mobile and a stationary spiral that work together to compress air into the chamber. Air is compressed within the spiral by decreasing the volume of air, then directs it to the center of the compressor to be cooled. This means there is no friction or wear on the system since the spirals don’t come in contact with each other. Some scroll compressors may require oil but there are a number of Quincy Compressor models that operate oil-free.
  • Oil-Free Centrifugal Compressors: Gearboxes on centrifugal compressors are integrated with the compressor assembly and completely isolated from the air path by buffered seals; making them ideal for applications that require 100% oil-free air.

Our oil-free air compressor options include high-quality air compressor brands like:

Quincy Oil-Free Air Compressors – QOF Series

Quincy QOF 75-200 Oil-Free Air Compressor in PA

Quincy Compressor manufactures oil-free air compressors that deliver 100% oil-free air. Their QOF-7.5, QOF-20, and QOF-75-200 all meet the Class Zero standard of air while providing best-in-class performance, premium efficiency and unmatched quality. These machines are simplistic and easy to operate, very energy efficient, reliable, quiet, and will keep your production up and running. Oil-free air is essential in critical environments like food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, textiles, and electronics manufacturing. With a multitude of different sizes and options available, C.H. Reed can help you deliver 100% oil-free air to your critical applications. To learn more about Quincy’s QOF 75-200 HP Series of oil-free screw compressors, click here.

Benefits of Oil-Free Air Compressors

There are many advantages to having an oil-free air compressor. For one, as it requires less lubrication, and because of its simple design, oil-free air compressor maintenance is relatively easy. Oil-free air compressors, having fewer parts and a simpler design, are also often lighter than oil-lubricated air compressors. Unlike oil-lubricated rotary screw compressors, oil-free air compressors don’t require additional oil water separators, filters, and other equipment, which adds hidden costs.

Probably the most important benefit of an oil-free compressor is that there is no oil to contaminate the compressed air stream. In some sanitized environments, such as the food industry, electronics, or pharmaceuticals, even the slightest amount of oil in the air can spell disaster. An oil-free compressor is an absolute must to avoid contamination risks.

There are a few downsides to an oil-free air compressor that you will have to consider. One is that they do not last as long. Once the frictionless coating or pre-lubrication starts wearing off in oil-free reciprocating and rotary screw compressors, you will need to replace your compressor in short order. They also run hotter and much louder than oil-lubricated air compressors. If you are not operating in a clean environment and you intend to run your compressor all day every day, you might be better off with an oil-lubricated system. If you can be a bit more sparing with your compressor use, an oil-free compressor can be a great bargain. (However, centrifugal compressors are most effective when running at full capacity. They are best suited to applications that require constant demand.)

Oil-Free Air Compressors in PA, OH, DE, MD, VA, WV and Other Locations Across the Mid-Atlantic

With decades of providing compressed air systems and solutions across a wide range of industries, we can help you find the right oil-free air compressor for your specific application. For air compressors, air compressor repair or any air compressor services in areas like Pittsburgh, PA, Erie, PA, Milton, PA, Hanover, PA, and Cleveland, OH, contact C.H. Reed today.

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