spray booth coatings

Spray Booth Coatings

Spray booths are necessary tools to produce quality, finished products for a number of different industries including automotive, metal, wood and furniture. These industrial systems enable professionals to paint products evenly, efficiently and in high volumes. With the demand for industrial spray booths increasing, there's a need to keep these workstations clean for workers and production.

How do the top manufacturers paint their products? Companies utilize spray booth coatings for consistency and spotless performance.

What Are Spray Booth Coatings?

Spray booth coatings are the ultimate form of protection for your team, booths and working facility. These materials essentially act as protective drapes for spray booth walls and flooring. When you make the investment of purchasing a spray booth, remember that coverings / coatings will extend the life of the system.

As you paint products, there's always a chance that overspray will land across booth flooring, walls, controls, fans and lighting. Leaving layers of overspray can become extremely dangerous over time because sprays can be flammable or combustible.

Why Do I Need Spray Booth Coatings?

Spray booth coatings, paper and coverings choke dust and particles. Eliminating environmental buildup will keep your products consistent through each paint job, and your workers will benefit as well. Painting facilities are often large, and the running of booths involves fans that kick up anything circulating in the chamber.

Overspray coatings will reduce inhalation hazards surrounding your team and provide better worker visibility for accurate painting.

Types of Spray Booth Coatings

Strippable paint coatings are a popular choice compared to past methods that involve the use of sheet paper. While they're still a viable option for smaller booths, paper coatings are more time-consuming and can require an experienced set of hands to properly cover an entire booth.

Strippable paint coatings are available for entirely clean booths and those that have overspray accumulation. Coatings are available in clear and white based on customer preference. White walls are highly reflective for increasing visibility and illuminating chambers for precise results.

Benefits of Strippable and Paper Coatings

Spraying a booth will save time between projects and allow for easy cleanup. Apply the coating to a booth's surface to the thickness you desire. Once the coating dries, you're ready for painting.

In order to peel off the coating, score around the edges of the sealant and tear down to remove. Strippable paint coating is effective for manufacturers and shops that need to paint high volumes of product in a single day.

Whether you want strippable or paper coating will depend on the size of your booths and your product demand. While spraying a sealant is quicker, paper paint rolls hold up against heavy foot traffic, large products and similar factors. If you have accurate painters on your team and small booths, paper will be easy to spread and dispose of as needed.

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