Graco SaniSpray HP Airless Disinfectant Sprayers

Graco’s new SaniSpray HP Airless Disinfectant Sprayers are the only airless sprayers specifically designed to work with disinfectants, sanitizers, and deodorizers. They are engineered to deliver consistent atomization and coverage without heavy drips and runs, allowing you to achieve specified disinfectant dwell times. These turnkey sprayers that are ready to go right out of the box; simply add disinfectant and get to work.

Graco SaniSpray HP sprayers have compatibility with the List N disinfectants to meet the criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for usage against SARS-CoV-2, which is the novel coronavirus known to cause COVID-19.

  • Approved nonalcohol-based active ingredients: Phenols, Aldehydes, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peroxyacetic Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), Hypochlorous Acid
  • Approved alcohol-based active ingredients: Ethanol, Isopropanol (Except for SaniSpray HP 20 Corded)

Consult with your material manufacturer to confirm spray application and equipment compatibility.

For more information regarding the List N disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2, please visit pages from the EPA and Health Canada.

Graco SaniSpray HP

Benefits of Graco SaniSpray HP Sprayers

Sanitization is a critical part of safely conducting business in the modern health landscape. To keep your guests safe and comply with local regulations, you may need to sanitize nearly every surface in your facility daily. With the wrong sprayer, that task can take up a huge chunk of time.

However, SaniSpray HP is engineered to offer the fastest disinfecting application method available today. It allows you to clean up large areas with as little time as possible, so employees can spend more time on other tasks and guests can feel safe in your building.

Other benefits of SaniSpray HP include:

  • Coverage on hard-to-reach areas. With a sprayer, you can cover an area in a fine mist, reaching areas that would be hard to clean with traditional sanitization methods, such as wipes.
  • No air supply needed. Since SaniSpray HP has an airless design, you don't need to connect it to an obtrusive and heavy air supply.
  • Even, drip-free coverage. Unlike some other sprayers, SaniSpray HP achieves consistent atomization, so the mist settles evenly, without drips or pools that can affect disinfecting time and the appearance of the surface when it dries.

SaniSpray HP Models and Specifications

A Disinfectant Sprayer for Every Job, Big or Small

Take a look at the guide below to determine which SaniSpray Sprayer would be best for your disinfecting job(s). Whether you need to treat a small room or an entire campus, we can help you identify which SaniSpray HP model will perform the best for your given task.

  • SaniSpray HP 10: Corded Handheld Sprayer: Ideal for 5 gallons or less weekly
  • SaniSpray HP20: Corded Handheld Sprayer: Ideal for 15 gallons or less weekly
  • SaniSpray HP 20: Cordless Handheld Sprayer: Ideal for 15 gallons or less weekly
  • SaniSpray HP 65: Portable Hopper System: Ideal for 50 gallons or less weekly
  • SaniSpray HP 130: 2-Gun Cart System: Ideal for 100 gallons or less weekly
  • SaniSpray HP 750: 4 or 8-Gun Cart System: Ideal for 500 gallons or more weekly
Graco SaniSpray Models and Specs

*** Please note that SaniSpray Sprayers have a limited 90-day parts-only replacement warranty. To avoid the transmission of infectious germs and viruses, SaniSpray HP Sprayers are not returnable, and may not be serviceable at Graco distributors or service centers, including C.H. Reed. All SaniSpray Sprayers are designed, manufactured, assembled, and factory-tested in the USA with global components.

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Whatever the application, C.H. Reed can help. We know that each business is unique, and one size will not fit all. The sanitizer sprayer that boosts efficiency for one company may not provide the same benefits for another business. That's why we offer an array of SaniSpray HP products from Graco and are happy to help you find the right one or answer any questions you may have.

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