Air Compressors for Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing

Plastics manufacturing is one of the largest manufacturing industry sectors in the United States, and it's expected to continue to grow. It is also vital in many other economies around the world. Quality-made plastic products are needed for various applications, from PVC pipes to beverage cups to sports gear and much more. Precision and accuracy are important for your rubber and plastic products in production, material handling, and assembly.

Air compressors are heavily used (and needed) in plastic products manufacturing as they play very important roles in the production process. Quality plastic products are only made possible through a meticulous manufacturing process utilizing air compressors that provides consistent, precise power. Without compressed air, plastics and rubber product manufacturers wouldn't be able to produce.

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Air Compressors Are Key in Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing

For plastics and rubber products manufacturing, air compressors play a central role — and in some instances, air compressors are the only solution. For example, air compressors are necessary for these following tasks in plastic manufacturing:

  • Blow molding to inflate the plastic into the desired shape
  • Extrusion to form plastic into a particular shape
  • Injecting plastic into a mold

If there is a contaminant in the compressed air supply, it can interfere with the production process, causing production downtime and product loss. Falling behind the production schedule can lead to missing customer deadlines and losing revenue. Clean, high-quality air in the compressed air system is essential for avoiding these issues.

Making plastics is a delicate process, which is why air compressors for plastic manufacturing are so important. Their power is consistent and controllable, so it can be fine-tuned to make sure the plastic material is being made efficiently. They are also the ideal solution for tough environments that other tools are not equipped to handle.

Being that power must be delivered consistently while making plastic and rubber products, manufacturers really need to make sure their compressed air systems are as energy-efficient as possible. As a "True Blue" Quincy Compressor distribution and service center, C.H. Reed can work with you to create the most energy-efficient system to cut down on your facility's utility costs.


Our Compressed Air Solutions for Plastics and Rubber

The rubber product air compressors from C.H. Reed are reliable and will enhance your production quality. This includes different Quincy Compressor units that fall under the following compressor types:

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For decades, C.H. Reed has been providing sustainable compressed air solutions for the rubber and plastics industry. Our solutions are reliable, easy to maintain, and energy-efficient, so you can sustain high productivity and reduce your maintenance spend, all while saving energy. In addition to providing finishing equipment for plastics and rubber companies, C.H. Reed also supports and maintains these products. Our full-service offerings include design & installation, emergency service & repair, as well as customizable preventative maintenance programs.

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