Make Up Air Filters

Your paint spray booths are only as effective as the quality of the air filters you use with them. For make up air filters you can rely on, turn to C.H. Reed.

What Are Make Up Air Filters?

A paint spray booth requires ventilation. Ventilation allows air to flow continually out of the booth while the booth is in operation. If an equal amount of air does not come into the booth to make up the volume, you will get a negative pressure situation. In a negative pressure situation, the booth sucks in air from the outside haphazardly, and all the contaminants in the atmosphere get sucked into the booth as well.

This can ruin the part you are trying to finish, which is why you need a make up air filter. The filter regulates air flow, pumping in an equal amount of air to the amount that is escaping and filtering particulates out, so you get even pressure and a clean, uncontaminated paint job with minimal and easily removed overspray.

About Our Make Up Air Filters

C.H. Reed offers both Clarcor make up air filters and Columbus air make up filters for your spray booths. These are some of the finest commercial make up air filters available. We offer pads, panels, aluminum and bags that you can integrate into your overall air filter system to maintain even pressure.

Benefits of Make Up Air Filters From C.H. Reed

For more than 70 years, C.H. Reed has been providing industrial production solutions in areas such as compressed air systems, fluid handling techniques and paint finishing products, including air filters. When you order a commercial air make up filter from C.H. Reed, you can feel confident that your system has an air make up filter of the highest quality.

Having reliable filters for your paint spray booth is critical. C.H. Reed, as a designer and distributor of paint spray booths for decades, completely understands the relationship of various air filters, including make up air filters, to paint spray booths. We can help ensure you get the right air filters for your booth, durable filters that do the job and last a long time before requiring replacement.

The difference between our filters and poorer quality filters can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line. Having clean, well-regulated airflow in your paint spray booth means you will waste less paint, complete jobs faster and more accurately and improve worker safety and productivity.

We can quickly deliver the air filters you require to your PA, OH, VA, WV or MD business. If you’re not sure which air filters you need or you need more help finding the best air make up filters for your booth, we’re glad to help. Just contact C.H. Reed for more information or a free quote on air make up filters for your paint spray booth.

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