Transportation Equipment

Compressed Air and Finishing Equipment for the Transportation Industry

Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

Industries in the transportation equipment manufacturing subsector (NAICS code 336) produce equipment for transporting people and delivering goods around the world. This includes the manufacturing of equipment for various modes of transport- road, rail, air, and water. Production processes in these industries include bending, forming, shaping, cutting, welding, moving, assembling, painting, and much more. A commonality shared by all of these different industries and processes is the paramount need for quality compressed air and paint finishing systems.

About the Transportation Industry

The global transportation equipment manufacturing industry generates about $4 trillion annually, with $750 billion of that coming from the United States.

Compressed air is used for everything from assembly and painting, to maintenance and air filtration so that workers can breathe easier when they’re on the assembly line. Compressed air powers the necessary tools and equipment to cut, refine, move, paint, and fasten parts with ease. Without it, transportation equipment manufacturing companies would not be able to function, deeming compressed air an essential asset to their business and the industry as a whole.

The final look and aesthetics of cars, trucks, airplanes, boats, trains, and other transportation equipment is important as well. This is why high-quality paint spray and powder coatings systems are needed when manufacturing this equipment and components.

How Are Compressed Air and Paint Finishing Equipment Used?

A countless number of parts go into the assembly of transportation vehicles and equipment. Throughout each stage of the assembly process, air compressors are used to deliver power to the most essential tools and operations on the production line. Compressed air is a vital utility in almost every aspect of the transportation and automotive industry, ranging from vehicle assembly, engine construction, painting and cleaning, and maintenance. Also using compressed air are different types of conveyor systems and robotic machinery that can lift, transport, and position many of the components into place.

Paint finishing and powder coating systems for transportation equipment manufacturing are also essential. Once the vehicle is assembled, it then needs to be cleaned and painted, providing a great look and protecting the product’s surfaces. Equipment such as paint spray guns, paint booths, fluid transfer pumps, and powder coating systems are crucial to completing the job.


Why Choose C.H. Reed?

With decades of industry experience, C.H. Reed has helped over 250 transportation equipment manufacturers reach new levels of production efficiencies with their compressed air, paint finishing, and fluid handling equipment.

For more than 70 years, we have been providing our customers with superior compressed air, paint finishing and fluid handling products and services. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient systems, which is why we partner with you on your project and pair you with a strategic specialist who will assess your specific needs and provide the best comprehensive solutions for your applications.

Whether you want to improve your compressed air or painting processes, address environmental concerns, or increase energy efficiency, C.H. Reed can help.

  • Reduce labor/maintenance costs
  • Improve finished product quality
  • Reduce material use/costs
  • Increase worker safety
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Increase production efficiencies

For more information about our products and services specific to the different transportation equipment manufacturing industries, contact us today.