Air Compressors for Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture manufacturing has been an essential component of the American economy for more than two centuries. The industry today, classified under the 337 3-digit NAICS code subsector, encompasses everything from the production of chairs and cabinets to mattresses, window blinds, home entertainment centers, and much more.

The efficient delivery of compressed air is essential in many furniture manufacturing and woodworking processes. Many manufacturers choose compressed air over other power sources because it provides more control during equipment use, which enhances productivity and the quality of the finished product. For instance, larger lumbering operations rely on compressed air equipment to assist in moving heavy loads faster.

pile of wood

Typical Furniture Manufacturing Air Compressor Applications

Compressed air plays a prominent role in virtually every aspect of the furniture manufacturing process. Sawmills use an assortment of compressed air equipment for sorting and cutting lumber and transporting logs via conveyors. Cabinetry and similar furniture-making operations depend on compressed air for tasks like using automated nailing, powering drill feed systems and controlling the movement of wooden boards. The equipment also powers production lines that use pneumatic powered tools and machinery.

Choosing the Right Air Compressors for Furniture Manufacturing

The right compressed air solution depends on the task. For example, a rotary screw compressor is usually the best choice for high-volume operations such as sawmills. Reciprocating piston models are reliable air compressors for smaller woodworking applications and manufacturers. To determine the most appropriate compressed air systems and products for your application, consider a range of factors, including:

  • Pressure requirements
  • Air usage and demand for tools and machines
  • Air storage
  • The need for other equipment like dryers, blowers, and vacuum pumps
  • Contamination risks

Spray Finishing Systems for Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture manufacturing also entails the use of spray finishing systems (paint or stains) to enhance the appearance of the products and provide protective coatings. Examples include industrial spraying equipment for the application of paints and surface coatings. These can range from handheld spray guns, 2k metering systems, to completely automated conveyor systems. A lot of processes in furniture manufacturing require the use of paint spray booths to contain overspray, protect workers and the environment, and deliver optimal finished product quality. Ovens are also sometimes used to promote faster drying of cabinets and other furniture pieces. Again, the type of finishing equipment that you need will depend on your specific application and can be identified by consulting with a C.H. Reed Finishing Specialist.

C.H. Reed Has the Right Furniture Manufacturing Equipment for Your Needs

Whether you need high-quality air compressors or industrial wood finishing equipment, C.H. Reed, Inc. has you covered. We offer and service a wide variety of products from the top manufacturers like Quincy Compressor, Graco, and Carlisle Fluid Technologies (Binks, Devilbiss, Ransburg). We carry a full line of reciprocating piston compressors, rotary screw compressors, oil-free compressors, and vacuum pumps for the furniture industry. We also sell and service finishing equipment like paint sprayers, 2K equipment, sprays booths, ovens, and much more. Trust our decades of experience to help you identify the proper solutions for your applications and budget.

Count on us to provide complete service for your furniture manufacturing equipment. We'll perform a fast, professional installation and train your operators to use the products efficiently and safely. We'll also be there to deliver comprehensive maintenance and repair services to minimize unproductive downtime. (Ask us about our planned maintenance programs.)

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