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Vacuum Pump Service & MaintenanceVacuum Compressors - Quincy QCV

Vacuum pumps facilitate the removal of air and gas molecules from a sealed area of a system, ensuring its efficiency and resistance to corrosion.

Like many other compressed air system components, vacuum pumps also require regular, routine maintenance. It's vital to the pump's optimal performance, helps reduce the need for frequent repairs and extends your vacuum system's life.

C.H. Reed offers professional vacuum pump repair and maintenance services, including customizable preventative maintenance programs specific to your company's needs.


Common Causes of Vacuum Pump Failure

Vacuum pumps are hardworking machines. They create the necessary vacuum conditions for different manufacturing applications and processes, but like all mechanical equipment, they require maintenance or they can be subject to failure. If you notice your vacuum pump isn't performing like it usually does, this could signal the need for service. Some of the warning signs to watch out for are slower pumping speeds, oil leaks, fluctuating vacuum levels and unusual noises or vibrations.

Vacuum pumps fail for plenty of reasons, but the most common are:

  • Wear and tear: Frequent use for long periods often leads to vacuum pump failure.
  • Contamination: The presence of solid or liquid substances can clog the pump and cause internal damage.
  • Overheating: Running the pumps for extended periods without cooling breaks can cause overheating, which then leads to pump failure.
  • Poor maintenance: Occasional oil changes and continuous operation with faulty parts can cause the vacuum pump to fail.

C.H. Reed's Professional Vacuum Pump Maintenance Services

At C.H. Reed, we have factory-trained vacuum pump technicians who can conduct the necessary inspection and maintenance checks, as well as service and repairs on your system. Issues addressed include:

  • Vacuum pump oil lubrication: Depending on the type of vacuum pump you have, many manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 3,000 hours of service. Our specialists can change your vacuum pump oil regularly to ensure efficient operations, specifically for vacuum pumps that use oil for lubrication, like rotary screw systems. Infrequent oil changes can lead to oil leaks and contamination in your pumps, which can cause performance problems and eventual pump failure.
  • Vacuum pump leak inspection: Instances of overheating are a clear indicator of a vacuum leak. Vacuum leaks can cause an increase in pressure levels, which could be too much for your pumps to handle. Our experts can inspect system components such as hoses, o-rings and fittings to check potential leak issues.
  • Vacuum pump general inspection: A general inspection of your vacuum pump allows early detection of problems before they cause more serious damage to the system. Whether you're experiencing issues such as noisy pumps, insufficient lubrication, oil contamination or overheating, our technicians can identify solutions and help you address them before they worsen.

All C.H. Reed maintenance technicians come equipped with parts in case your vacuum pump needs any repairs. You can count on our experts to provide maintenance services that exceed your expectations.

Industrial Applications of Vacuum Pumps

Various industries have different uses for vacuum pumps. They're essential components in a wide range of industrial processes, including:

Regardless of the industry, vacuum pumps benefit from regular maintenance. Conducting regular system checks enhances their efficiency and results in high-quality products. Proper maintenance also reduces downtime in operations and lessens the need for repairs, leading to bigger savings for operators.

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C.H. Reed specializes in the general vacuum pump maintenance of Quincy Vacuum systems and other leading brands in the market. Our services include identifying issues, repairing a wide variety of air compressors and vacuum pumps, and conducting system audits to help identofy cost-saving opportunities.

With decades of industry experience and a team of highly trained professionals, we provide quality service to customers in PA, OH, MD, DE, VA, WV, southern MI, NY state and other nearby areas. Contact us today to schedule a service.

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