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Vacuum pumps work differently than standard air compressors, but one thing they have in common is that both require regular maintenance. Vacuum pump maintenance, like all air compressor maintenance, is vital for making sure your vacuum pump is working at optimal efficiency, as well as for helping to reduce instances of needing repair and for extending the life of your vacuum compressor.

While there are some basic maintenance tasks you can do yourself to help reduce wear on your vacuum pumps, it’s a good idea to have them serviced professionally.

For all professional vacuum pump maintenance services, you can always call on C.H. Reed.


C.H. Reed Vacuum Pump Maintenance Services

Our compressed air expert technicians can do a thorough inspection and maintenance check of your vacuum pumps. We address such issues as:

  • Lubrication: Many standard vacuum pumps, like rotary vane vacuum pumps, require oil for lubrication. We can change your vacuum pump oil for you. It is imperative to change your vacuum pump oil regularly, usually every 3000 hours of service. Failure to change your pump oil can result in contamination, leading to serious performance issues and even pump failure.
  • Leak Inspection: If you are experiencing oil overheating, you probably have a vacuum leak. Gross vacuum leaks can bring the pressure up to a level that is too high for the pump’s integrity. We can check hoses, fittings, and o-rings to make sure you do not have a serious leak issue.
  • General Inspection Issues: Our experts can examine your vacuum pump to detect any signs of a problem and help you find solutions for those problems, issues such as pumps that are too loud, pumps that do not have enough oil in them, contaminated oil, burned oil and poor ventilation.

Our maintenance technician come equipped with parts in case you need any repair for your vacuum pump.

Top-Notch Vacuum Pump Maintenance in PA, OH, MD, DE, VA, WV and Beyond

As the experts in compressed air technology, we at C.H. Reed specialize in Quincy vacuum compressor repair and sales and general vacuum pump maintenance.

We have been in this business for more than 70 years, and our team is highly trained at recognizing and repairing any issues with compressed air systems, from reciprocating air compressors to centrifugal air compressors, industrial vacuum pumps, and many more. If you need a new vacuum pump, pump repair, or pump maintenance in areas like Cleveland, OH; Toledo, OH; Erie, PA; Hanover, PA; Milton, PA; or Pittsburgh, PA; we’re always ready, willing, and able to help.

The performance and longevity of your industrial vacuum system is critical to your business and directly correlated to proper, routine maintenance. To ensure ongoing functionality of your vacuum system, avoid downtime by contacting us today.

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