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Compressed Air Piping

Aluminum compressed air piping is durable, flexible, and very easy to modify. Its components are reusable and interchangeable, enabling immediate and easy layout modifications for all your compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas applications. It will not corrode overtime and truly balances your air system. On top of all that, it looks great too!

AIRnet Compressed Air Piping

AIRnet Compressed Air Piping

Quincy Compressor’s AIRnet compressed air piping systems are designed to provide maximum airflow and reliable performance. It is extremely fast and easy to install, leak-proof, and corrosion-free, enhancing system efficiency, air quality, and system reliability. Available in both aluminum and stainless steel, AIRnet piping systems are a viable piping solution that can accommodate a wide array of system requirements. Lastly, it is backed by a 10-year warranty and unparalleled C.H. Reed customer support.

Parker Transair Compressed Air Piping

Transair aluminum compressed air pipe is ideal for any air, vacuum, or inert gas application. Their industry-leading push-to-connect fittings make installation a breeze and offer substantial savings on maintenance and operating costs. The detachable and interchangeable components allow users to easily modify production layouts and process changes within minutes. Transair piping is corrosion-free, leak-proof, and efficient. Available in ½” up to 6”, it is the perfect pipe system for virtually any industrial application.

For those in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and the general Mid-Atlantic region, we offer local sales and service for all compressed air piping solutions to the following locations and surrounding areas:

If you have a compressed air piping project, big or small, contact C.H. Reed’s compressed air experts. We can help you choose, design, and install the best compressed air piping option(s) to help you meet your compressed air goals.