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Graco HFR Metering System

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Meter, Mix, & Dispense Equipment

With a wide range of top-quality meter, mix and dispense equipment, C.H. Reed has a solution for countless materials and applications. From advanced glazing proportioners and metering systems for foams and liquid silicone rubber – to compact, precise desktop units, our Engineered Systems Department can meet your dispensing goals.

Graco Meter, Mix and Dispense Equipment

We feature an assortment of meter, mix and dispense equipment from Graco, a leading provider of fluid handling systems and components since 1926. Graco products deliver efficient, reliable solutions for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications for companies around the world.


Automated Graco Dispensing Systems

Graco automated dispense systems offer a flexible, configurable design that can adapt to changes in parts and materials. They work equally well with one- and two-component chemistries. You’ll get a single-source, turnkey solution that delivers highly precise fluid dispensing, even when you’re working with your most challenging materials. Automation minimizes the need for human input, which can save time and reduce your company’s labor costs.

Dispense Valves

meter mix dispense graco dispensit valve 710C.H. Reed is also your source for automatic dispense valves from Graco. You’ll find them in a variety of sizes and pressure ranges to meet the requirements of applications such as glass and structural bonding, underbody coating and seam sealing. Examples of available products include snuff-back valves that pull materials back into the tip to minimize dripping, spring-close valves that shut automatically during a loss of pressure and double-acting valves that deliver faster cycling times.

Hot Melt Systems and Equipment

These Graco metering systems and components offer efficient, reliable solutions for a wide range of hot melt applications. System options include bulk unloaders that work well with hot melt sealants in drums or pails. You’ll also find an assortment of tank-free delivery systems featuring advanced melt-on-demand technology that eliminates the adhesive processing inefficiencies associated with using heated tanks.

Examples of our other hot melt equipment offerings include high-quality glue applicators that are perfect for carton and case

meter mix dispense application sealing tasks — their innovative design prevents nozzle clogging, minimizing unproductive downtime. We also have applicator guns designed for high-pressure hot melt material processes.

Bin and Drum Unloaders

Sanitary bin and drum unloaders from Graco eliminate the need for manual dumping, helping to create a cleaner, safer work environment. They’ll also minimize the risk of contamination that can affect products and materials inside the bins and drums. Use them to evacuate medium-to-high-viscosity items such as heavy chocolate, frostings, jams and even peanut butter from 55- to 300-gallon drums quickly and efficiently. The built-in inflatable wiper seals increase the evacuation rate without the need to dilute the material.

Supply Systems Services

graco meter mix dispense

C.H. Reed can also provide a host of support services to enable you to get the most out of your Graco metering systems, advanced glazing proportioners and other equipment. We have the in-house expertise and resources to handle system design, troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs. We can also conduct routine inspections and make recommendations for improving process efficiency as well as supervision and training programs for your employees. Learn more about all our service offerings.

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C.H. Reed’s Engineered Systems Department can develop and customize “out of the box” meter, mix, and dispense solutions for your specific application, regardless of the complexity. With convenient locations in Hanover, PA, Milton, PAPittsburgh, PA, and Erie, PA, as well as Cleveland, OH, C.H. Reed can meet the meter, mix and dispense equipment needs for companies throughout PA, OH, MD, DE, WV and VA. Contact us to learn more about all of our product and service offerings today.

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