Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

If you have employees, OSHA standards require you to provide them with the proper equipment and training for keeping a safe work environment. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes wearable safety equipment and gear for avoiding hazards in the workplace. Keep your workers safe from head to toe, and reduce injuries and lost time while improving productivity.

The Benefits of Personal Protective Equipment

Protect workers from paint fumes, falling debris, chemicals, dust and countless hazards in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. At C.H. Reed, we provide a full range of Personal Protective Equipment for OSHA compliance and optimal worker safety. With confidence in their safety, workers can accomplish more and stay protected from numerous risks posed by heavy equipment, dangerous materials, chemicals, other workers and more. The benefits of PPE include:

  • Staying compliant: Remain compliant with OSHA requirements with adequate PPE throughout your property.
  • Preventing injury: Personal Protective Equipment helps prevent workplace injuries. 
  • Improving productivity: When workers feel safer, they can move faster, improving workplace productivity.
  • Reducing costs: PPE is an investment, increasing efficiency and reducing accidents leading to lost time.

PPE Products We Carry

It is up to employers to recognize when and where employee safety equipment is needed. At C.H. Reed, we have a massive inventory of PPE to bring your facility up to compliance and mitigate the risks posed by hazards on your property. If you need help determining the equipment you need, our safety team is happy to help.

Head and Face Protection

We carry protective equipment for shielding the head, face and eyes from tools, debris, liquids and more. Browse hard hats, safety glasses and goggles, and face shields for keeping workers and visitors safe.

Respiratory Protection

Gain protection against dust, paint vapors and other damaging agents with temporary and reusable respirators. We offer advanced respiratory protection for use in painting, manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Body Temperature Management

Maintain safety and high visibility in warm or cold working environments with PPE made for managing body temperature. Whether for outdoor use or inside a facility, our PPE helps your workers maintain safety and comfort.

Blast Suits

Blast suits protect workers from the harsh effects of wet or dry blasting. These suits deflect natural and composite blasting abrasives without interrupting worker mobility.

Industrial Gloves

From gloves for handling chemicals to protecting hands from heat, debris and other hazards, we carry a large selection of industrial gloves to match your requirements.

Hearing Protection

Shield your employees from hearing loss caused by excessive noise levels and damaging solvents or chemicals with OSHA-approved hearing protection.

Paint Suits and Clean Products

Disposable coveralls that are recommended for protection against paint overspray, reusable coveralls, reusable lab coats, wipes, and surface protection.

Why Choose C.H. Reed for Personal Protective Equipment?

At C.H. Reed, we put your goals first, then tailor PPE solutions to fit your needs and budget. Meet OSHA standards and protect your employees from the thousands of potential hazards faced at work each day. We have decades of experience helping customers create safer environments with quality Personal Protective Equipment. For help finding the right quantities and styles of PPE for your organization, send us a message for personal assistance.

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