About C.H. Reed

75+ Years of Compressed Air, Paint Finishing, & Fluid Handling Solutions

When you partner with C.H. Reed, operational excellence isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

C.H. Reed is a mid-Atlantic industrial distribution and service provider for compressed air systems and equipment, paint and powder finishing systems, and fluid handling and process equipment.

Since 1948, we've been helping industrial businesses and manufacturing companies throughout PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, OH, MI, and NY find value-adding opportunities that enhance processes, increase energy savings, lessen environmental impacts, increase equipment reliability & quality, decrease maintenance spend, and help boost worker safety.

Whether you need new equipment, parts, service and repair, planned maintenance programs, or fully customized engineered systems to meet your specific goals, C.H. Reed is your partner for all things compressed air, paint finishing, and industrial pumping.

To learn more about our extensive capabilities, or to speak with a Compressed Air or Fluid Handling Specialist, simply contact us to start the conversation.

Our Areas of Expertise

a Quincy Compressed Air System

Compressed Air Systems & Equipment

We utilize the latest advances in technology to resolve the many compressed air and vacuum challenges faced by today’s manufacturing and industrial companies. 

A Finishing Booth & Powder Coating System

Paint Finishing & Fluid Handling Systems & Equipment

We work with you to optimize your paint finishing & fluid handling processes to help you meet your production goals.


Within our areas of expertise, we work with you to identify value-adding opportunities:

Improve your plant's process

Using lean manufacturing principles, we help you reduce waste, implement best practices, and commit to continuous improvements.

Energy Savings

Our goal is to conserve energy in your building, equipment, and overall processes through a series of energy analyses.

Environmental Concerns

We help you identify value added solutions that meet current and future environmental regulations.

Ergonomic Matters

Manual material handling is the principal source of compensable injuries in the American work force. Our ergonomic solutions and equipment will help keep your workers safe.

Reliability, Quality, & Safety

We make sure your plant’s equipment performs its intended purpose sufficiently (without failure) for your most demanding applications.

The industrial marketplace is a complex environment

We help you find & integrate the best comprehensive solutions for your needs.

C.H. Reed Company History Timeline

1: The Beginning of C.H. Reed

Charles Harold Reed (C.H. Reed) worked as a salesman for L.W. Cleaver Auto Parts in York, PA in the late 1940’s. L.W. Cleaver also had a branch in Hanover, PA located at 129 Broadway. L.W. Clever decided to sell their Hanover location to Reed. On January 2nd, 1948, C.H. Reed Auto Supplies officially opened for business.

The building had a small sales counter and a small stock area. They mainly sold automotive parts, but also carried paint spray equipment, grease pumps, and small air compressors. The company had 3 initial employees; Charles Harold Reed worked as the company’s outside salesman, Lester Hamme worked the counter and inside sales, and Donald Reed worked the counter and made deliveries in their 1939 Chevy panel truck. In February of 1948, Charles’ wife Elizabeth Reed came to work in the office and manage the books.

Charles Harold Reed would travel to call on accounts outside of the Hanover area in his 1947 Oldsmobile. The first large account that he sold to was Grove Manufacturing in Shady Grove, PA. A company that C.H. Reed still has a trusted business relationship with 75 years later.

2: A Shift from Automotive to Industrial

C.H. Reed continues to grow in the 1950s & 60s, and eventually expands operations into 131, 133, and 135 Broadway, Hanover, PA. Harold Reed, C.H. Reed’s son, joins the business and opens the air compressor service shop where he started to repair smaller air compressors, paint spray equipment, and grease pumps. Bill and Don Reed, C.H. Reed’s other two sons, hit the road as outside salesmen. Around that same time, C.H. Reed’s daughter, Kay Rogers (Reed), and her husband, Ken Rogers, joins the family business. Kay helped with the books and payroll and Ken worked in sales.

In 1964, C.H. Reed becomes officially incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania. Shortly after, they decide to sell off the entire automotive parts portion of their business and focus solely on industrial equipment. After selling the auto parts inventory, they immediately transitioned into carrying an expanded line of industrial supplies and air-powered components. And with that, a strategic focus on industrial compressed air systems begins.

3: Quincy Compressor Partnership Begins

In the mid-1960’s, C.H. Reed and Quincy Compressor strengthen ties. Having been selling Quincy products for about 10 years, C.H. Reed sees just how durable and reliable the Quincy units perform for his customers, especially with their reciprocating line. This kickstarts the beginning of a longstanding business relationship and strong partnership with Quincy Compressor that is still upheld to this day.

In the late 1960’s into early 1970’s, advanced industrial paint finishing and fluid handling solutions become an important offering from C.H. Reed. Strategic partnerships with Graco and Carlisle Fluid Technologies (Binks, Devilbiss, Ransburg) were established to better provide customers with value-added solutions and non-standard integrations that help them meet their production goals. This was the start of C.H. Reed transitioning into a “solutions house” rather than just a product distributor for both compressed air and paint finishing/fluid handling product groups.

C.H. Reed also started a sister company, C & E Pneumatic Service, in the summer of 1974 as customer’s needs progressed. C & E Pneumatic was started to provide sales, repair, and warranty services for air-operated and electric-operated assembly tools. Years later, C & E Pneumatic would become the Assembly Tool Division of C.H. Reed.  In 1976, Charles Harold Reed and his wife Elizabeth officially retire, and his children (Bill, Kay, Harold, and Don) take over the business.

4: C.H. Reed Passes Away in Dec. 1978

1978 marks the 30-year Anniversary of C.H. Reed. That same year, the Milton, PA branch location opens; further expanding the company’s ever-growing sales territory.

Two years after retirement, and 30 years after founding and building the company, Charles Harold Reed passes away on December 24th 1978 at the age of 79. Shortly after, in July of 1980, C.H. Reed’s daughter, Kay Rogers (Reed), passes away at the age of 49.

Though C.H. Reed provided different repair and maintenance services on reciprocating compressors and industrial painting equipment since the 60’s and 70’s, it wasn’t until the late 70’s into the early 80’s (when rotary screw air compressors hit the market) that a strategic focus on value-added air compressor services started. These services included compressed air system design, system installations, process audits, customer training, torque documentations, and outsourced service contracts. This was essentially the “unofficial start” of C.H. Reed’s Compressed Air Service Department, an integral component of the company’s success moving forward.

5: With Growth & Success Comes Trials and Tribulations

As the business continues to grow in the mid 80’s, C.H. Reed opens a new branch location in Scranton, PA. Soon after developing a northeast Pennsylvania territory, the company expands into Baltimore, MD in 1990 by purchasing C.S. Bowen Company.

With growth, success, and victories in business, comes trials and tribulations. In the summer of 1991, C.H. Reed experienced a devastating fire that caused $1 million worth of damage at 129-135 Broadway in Hanover, PA. Wooden pallets outside the business were deliberately set on fire. Embers from those fires inadvertently made their way to the warehouse, setting it ablaze.

The entire warehouse and shipping area was destroyed, so the company quickly moved operations to a warehouse owned by R.H. Sheppard. In December of 91, the Coulson Heel property was purchased and building renovations began. Shipping, warehousing, and compressor shop operations moved in first, with the rest of the company following once renovations were complete.

The following summer, C.H. Reed and C & E Pneumatic Service moved to their operations to 301 Poplar Street, Hanover, PA. The same headquarter location that the company resides in today, 31 years later.

6: Bouncing Back After Fire with Territory Expansions

After the devastating fire in the early 90’s, the company gets back on track. In November of 1998, C.H. Reed acquires Pump and Equipment Company out of Richmond, VA, further expanding the company’s sales territory south and into a new state.

1998 marks 50 years in business for the company. In the early 2000’s C.H. Reed solidifies the western PA territory after acquiring H.B. Parke Company in Pittsburgh and opening another branch in Erie, further expanding the company’s ever-growing sales territory.

It was around this same time that Don Reed and Harold Reed, sons of C.H. Reed, passed away. C.H. Reed’s wife, Elizabeth Reed, also passed away in 2001 at the age of 101 years old.

Meanwhile, the 3rd generation of family members have since taken over the business.

7: An Ohio Acquisition, Company Re-Brand, & Sale of Assembly Tool Group

In June of 2011, the company implements an extensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system project to Epicor Prophet 21. A much-needed software upgrade to accommodate growth and change.

In February of 2017, the company acquired BruceAir Co. outside of Cleveland, OH. This acquisition solidified C.H. Reed as northeast Ohio’s premier Quincy Compressor distributor and service provider, expanding C.H. Reed’s presence and solution-oriented competencies further West and into a new state.

That same month, a new C.H. Reed President was appointed. Bob Shields joined C.H. Reed as the Director of Sales after 20+ years in the compressed air industry. Prior to that, he served in the United States Navy for 8 years.

In the spring of 2018, C.H. Reed underwent a companywide re-brand. Along with a new logo, color scheme, slogan, and other branding elements, a new website and digital marketing initiative was launched.

Summer of 2018 presented a big change for C.H. Reed with the definitive agreement to sell the Assembly Tool Division to Rhino Tool House out of Charlotte, NC. The sale of the Assembly Tool Division allowed C.H. Reed to focus on the core, growth-driving Compressed Air and Finishing & Fluid Handling Divisions.

8: A Global Pandemic, Territory Expansions, New Owners, and 75 Years in Business

Our final post for our company history campaign to celebrate 75 years in business brings us up to current times.

Throughout 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic puts great strain on businesses of all sizes around the world. C.H. Reed stays open and operational throughout the lockdown as the business was deemed essential to support local manufacturing. In this time of uncertainty, C.H. Reed relies heavily on the Service Department, even coming up with “no-contact” service visits to abide by quarantine protocols. Also, sales initiatives of Graco’s SaniSpray disinfectant sprayers were prioritized.

Despite facing varying challenges during the pandemic, growth and prosperity is still top of mind. In September of 2020, C.H. Reed expands further into Ohio and opens a new branch location outside of Toledo. With this move, C.H. Reed becomes the primary Quincy Compressor distributor in the region.

In January of 2021, and after 73 years as a family-owned company, CFO-Mark Kauffman and President-Bob Shields, become new majority owners of C.H. Reed. Current family members still in the business include Jeff Reed, Mike Rogers, Jim Rogers, and Jim's son, Matt Rogers.

C.H. Reed expands into the Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY territory in May of 2022, becoming the area’s premier Quincy Compressor Distributor. This move solidifies the state of NY, excluding the eastern part of the state and New York City area. Additionally, that same year C.H. Reed is announced as the Quincy distributor and service provider for the whole state of Virginia.

2023 marks 75 years in business for C.H. Reed. Since 1948, we have grown from a local, family-owned auto parts store, to a leading mid-Atlantic industrial distribution and solutions provider in 2023, covering 8 total states, serving over 12,000+ different accounts, and completing hundreds of thousands of compressed air, paint finishing, and fluid handling projects over the years. These kind of achievements are made possible through hard-working, dedicated employees, outstanding loyal customers, and strong partner & vendor relationships. A big thank you to Quincy Compressor, Chicago Pneumatic Stationary Compressors & Air Treatment North America, Graco, and Carlisle Fluid Technologies for the ongoing support.

C.H. Reed looks forward to many more years of growth and prosperity while honoring Charles Harold Reed’s legacy. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in these last 75 years.