70 Years of Industry Insight

When you partner with C.H. Reed, operational excellence isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

Our Areas of Expertise

a Quincy Compressed Air System

Compressed Air

We utilize the latest advances in technology to resolve the compressed air challenges faced by today’s manufacturers

A Finishing Booth & Powder Coating System

Finishing & Fluid

At C.H. Reed, we optimize your paint finishing & fluid handling processes, no matter what you're looking for.


Within our areas of expertise, we look for value-adding opportunities:

Improve your plant's process

Using lean manufacturing principles, we help you reduce waste, implement best practices, and commit to continuous improvements.

Energy Savings

Our goal is to conserve energy in your building, equipment, and overall processes through a series of energy analyses.

Environmental Concerns

We help you identify value added solutions that meet current and future environmental regulations.

Ergonomic Matters

Manual material handling is the principal source of compensable injuries in the American work force. Our ergonomic solutions and equipment will help keep your workers safe.

Reliability, Quality, & Safety

We make sure your plant’s equipment performs its intended purpose sufficiently (without failure) for your most demanding applications.

The industrial marketplace is a complex environment

We help you find & integrate the best comprehensive solutions for your needs.