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Vacuum Pumps

Manufacturers across all industries depend heavily on vacuum pumps to deliver volumetric capacities to meet requirements for the most demanding applications. C.H. Reed can provide you the winning combination of vacuum and compressed air technologies to meet your demands and save you money.

Industrial vacuum pumps are frequently used for applications that require a powerful vacuum (holding, lifting, moving, shaping, forming, preserving, clean environment requirements, packaging, chemical degassing, and more.) Common industry examples include food & beverage, medical & dental, woodworking (routing applications), commercial printing, chemical degassing, energy, plastics, textile, automotive, and much more.


different applications of vacuum pumps


How Does Vacuum Pump Technology Work?

Vacuum pumps work according to something called the Bernoulli Principle — which refers to the consistent indirect relationship between velocity and pressure, that is to say, high-velocity fluid results in low pressure. In a vacuum system, an industrial vacuum compressor pump forces air through an orifice, which increases the air’s velocity and, hence, lowers its air pressure. When the ambient air outside tries to create a state of equilibrium, it mixes with the higher speed air that is generating the low pressure, with the combined air leaving through the exhaust.

Quincy Vacuum Pumps

If you need a vacuum compressor for your industrial applications, we highly recommend Quincy Compressor Vacuum Pumps.

Quincy Vacuum Pumps in the mid-atlantic

A Quincy Vacuum Pump

Quincy is a known leader among vacuum compressor manufacturers. Quincy vacuum pumps are used by companies around the globe due to their extreme reliability and unmatched performance. C.H. Reed is an authorized Quincy sales and service company and is the exclusive Quincy Compressor seller in specific states, including Ohio.

Explore Quincy vacuum pumps below and contact us for more information.

Quincy QSV Oil-Sealed Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump

The ideal machine for demanding compressed air applications, this advanced Quincy rotary screw vacuum pump equipment can withstand the pressure of the most intense work environments. The QSV is more efficient than other rotary screw pumps, as it consistently outperforms competing models. It arrives fully equipped and ready to start, saving valuable time and labor. Ideal applications where the QSV performs well include small volume pump-down or central vacuum systems, high flowrate applications, and applications that are dry with low moisture.

  • 7.5-125 HP
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • End Pressure: 29.9″ HgV (0.50 Torr)
  • 240-3023 ACFM
  • Air or Water-Cooled
  • Air Logic Monitoring System
  • Royal Blue 10 Year Warranty

Quincy QV Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

These direct-drive Quincy vacuum pumps deliver ample volumetric capacity for challenging vacuum tasks. Each unit functions as a stand-alone system that is versatile and relocatable, providing maximum job site flexibility. Examples of the numerous industries that can benefit from rotary vane pumps include aerospace and automotive, the latter depending on them for products like transmissions, brakes and power steering systems. Ideal applications include those where rough to medium vacuum is required, dry, non-corrosive vapors, and where controls and process dynamics are not required.

  • Installed Power: 2-10 HP
  • Direct Drive
  • End Pressure: 29.9” HgV (0.5 Torr)
  • 19-180 ACFM
  • Pumping Capacity: 19-200 ACFM
  • Oil-Flooded

Quincy QVIS Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane Industrial Systems

The QVIS is the Quincy QV line availalbe as a standard industrial system. This vacuum pump system line offers a robust pumping capacity of up to 540 ACFM. The base model includes an inlet filter, inlet check valve, manual isolation valve, carbon steel receiver, vacuum gauge and NEMA 4 UL listed control panel. Max Reliability versions feature a high-temperature shutdown function, circuit breaker disconnects and an audible low-vac warning alarm.

  • Installed Power: 2-30 HP
  • End Pressure: 29.9” HgV (0.5 Torr)
  • Pumping Capacity: 19-540 ACFM
  • Available in Simplex, Duplex, or Triplex System

Quincy QVMS Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane Medical Systems

Developed for medical/hospital applications, the QVMS is a reliable direct-drive pump that delivers the high capacity and constant vacuum levels required for these challenging environments. It provides the powerful suction essential for superior patient care. The unit’s smaller footprint is ideal for medical facilities with limited space.

  • Installed Power: 4-30 HP
  • End Pressure: 29.9” HgV (0.5 Torr)
  • Pumping Capacity: 38-540 ACFM
  • Available in Simplex, Duplex, or Triplex System

Quincy QCV Dry Running Rotary Claw Vacuum Pump

These innovatively designed Quincy compressor vacuum pumps are raising the bar in the claw pump market. The combination of robust power, efficient performance and optimal contaminant-handling capability ensures maximum results in your demanding compressed air applications. You’ll get a cost-effective, trouble-free solution that adds value to your operations. Ideal applications for the QCV include those where a dry solution is required, minimal moisture vapor, and applicaitons where rough vacuum is needed.

  • Product Models: QCV 45-220
    • Installed Power: 3-10 HP
    • End Pressure: 25.8-28.4” HgV (38-150 Torr)
    • Pumping Capacity: 46-212 ACFM
  • Product Models: QCV 350 & 370
    • Installed Power: 15 & 30 HP
    • End Pressure: 24” HgV (150 Torr)
    • Pumping Capacity: 353 & 670 ACFM

guide to vacuum pumpsCommon Types of Vacuum Pumps

  • Rotary Vane: The rotary vane industrial vacuum pump is one of the most popular types. It works with a series of rotating vanes that extend and form compression cells as they rotate.
  • Rotary Screw: Rotary screw vacuum pumps work with two parallel screws inside the housing of the pump that turn in opposite directions to generate compression. This is a pumping-chamber-oil-free type of vacuum compressor.

  • Articulated Piston: This is a piston-operated vacuum pump that draws air in as it moves down into the cylinder.
  • Claw: Claw pumps work with two rotors that turn to move air from the suction side over to the pressure side, creating a pressure disparity that compresses the air.
  • Liquid Ring: These vacuum pumps work through the use of a liquid ring that rotates and seals the pump’s impeller and its blades, which are rotating inside the pump casing. As the impeller rotates, it compresses air.

If you’re not sure which type of vacuum compressor you need, just give us a call at 800-692-7216. We will be happy to help you find the right vacuum pump for your specific application.

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If you need a vacuum pump solution that you can rely on, get in touch with C.H. Reed. We are experts in all types of compressed air systems, service, repair, and planned maintenance programs; which we owe to our 75+ years in the business. We are happy to go into more detail with you, learn about your goals and objectives, and help you identify the right vacuum pump solution or vacuum compressor maintenance plan for your facility. We are conveniently located throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Southern New York, and Ohio with branch locations in Erie, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Milton, PA, Hanover, PA, and Cleveland, OH. Eliminate guesswork: contact us today!

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