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Plural component metering equipment

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Plural Component Metering Equipment

Our integrated solutions offer precise and reliable proportioning for a broad range of solvent-borne, waterborne, and acid-catalyzed materials. 2K proportioners improve productivity, provide consistently better finishes, and offer the highest degree of ratio assurance by utilizing built-in system safeguards and automated material tracking and reporting. Whether you’re spraying high-solids or epoxies, C.H. Reed has the plural component proportioning and metering equipment to meet your high-performance coatings needs.

Our plural component metering equipment selection consists of two- and three-component proportioners from top manufacturers including:

Graco Plural Component Systems

Electronic plural component proportioning systems by Graco offer precision and reliability for a broad range of solvent-borne, waterborne, and acid-catalyzed materials.

Ransburg and Binks Plural Component Systems

Binks, Ransburg – 2K electronic mixing solutions by Carlisle Fluid Technologies deliver optimal efficiencies and convenience to help meet real-world production schedules. These machines are sturdy, constructed with quality components, have an ergonomic design, and powerful software to help you reduce costs, increase finishing qualities, and reduce waste.

Ransburg’s IntelliFlow RF2 and RM2 are the next generation of Carlisle Fluid Technologies’ intuitive, connected, accurate 2k proportioning systems.

Nordson Plural Component Systems

Nordson’s two-component mixing systems are uniquely designed to accurately mix and dispense two-part materials, like adhesives and sealants.

Two-Component Proportioners

Our plural component equipment solutions seamlessly combine resin and a catalyst at a predetermined ratio. The automated mixing process increases accuracy and helps to minimize costly waste associated with incorrectly cured components. These proportioners feature an advanced modular platform design that provides unparalleled functionality. They also come with a variety of meter options, including non-intrusive Coriolis, helical gear and spur gear. Additionally, they support a broad assortment of material types and characteristics.

Plural component paint equipment also gives you the flexibility to configure two manually operated spray guns to enhance the performance of your painting applications. Users can manage each gun independently, gaining greater process control and increased productivity. Flexible control integration results in high-performance flow management. The automated mixing system will enable you to place the unit closer to the sprayer, which facilitates a faster paint color change and minimizes waste.

Lastly, easy to use touch pads and advanced software in these machines offer efficient material tracking and reporting; providing you convenient process monitoring, streamlined data gathering, and general reporting for continuous improvement.

Three-Component Proportioners

This type of plural component mixing system offers a high level of precision for combining three component materials. Units are available that provide manual or fully automated operation. They’re equipped with a safe fluid panel to minimize risks when you’re working in hazardous areas of your facility. A third flush option is also available to optimize flushing sequences. Three-component metering systems can work with up to 25 colors, 4 catalysts, and 4 reducers in a simple, easy to use modular color change system. To learn more about three component proportioners, contact us today.

What Are the Benefits of Integrating Plural Component Metering Equipment Into Your Work Processes?

Plural component equipment offers several advantages, including:

  • Increased mixing accuracy: The ability to produce highly precise mixes ensures the finished product will meet your — and your customers’ — specifications. You’ll also experience fewer re-works, which saves time and labor and reduces your material costs.
  • Shorter cure times: By helping to reduce the time it takes to cure your work-pieces, plural component paint equipment can also shorten overall processing and production times, allowing you to keep your projects on — and even ahead of — schedule.
  • Less waste: The enhanced process efficiency results in less material waste, which will lower your production costs and contribute to a healthier environment.
  • Lower VOCs: Speaking of the environment, our plural component mixing equipment reduces the emission of potentially toxic volatile organic compounds.
  • Data collection: The Internet-of-things (AKA IoT) and advanced analytics in manufacturing processes allow companies to streamline production efficiencies, increase yields, and reduce costs.

C.H. Reed Can Also Provide Services for Top-Notch Plural Component Metering Equipment

graco PD2K plural component proportioner

You can count on us to keep your plural component equipment in peak operating condition. We offer flexible planned and preventative maintenance programs that can enhance performance and minimize the risk of an unexpected breakdown. We can also rebuild your equipment’s fluid mix manifolds, which can maximize your machine’s lifespan. And our refurbishing programs offer a cost-effective solution for restoring your equipment to like-new condition, avoiding the need for an expensive replacement. To learn more about these services, Learn more about our plural component metering equipment services.

Learn More About Our Plural Component Equipment and Services

With convenient locations in the Pennsylvania cities of Hanover, Erie, Pittsburgh and Milton, as well as in Cleveland, Ohio, C.H. Reed can serve the plural component mixing equipment needs of companies throughout PA, OH, MD, WV, DE, NY and VA. Contact us for more information regarding our products and services today.

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