Drum and Tote Agitators

For paints, solvents and other coatings shipped in drums or totes, you can mix them right in the container with drum and tote agitators. Save time transferring products between containers, and eliminate product waste from spillage with a large selection of agitators made for mixing in five- to 55-gallon drums, and IBC totes up to 1,000 gallons. Choose from quality products from top manufacturers to improve efficiency, reduce overhead and keep a cleaner, safer environment.

The Benefits of Drum and Tote AgitatorsDrum and Tote Agitators

Drum and tote agitators are portable, lightweight and air-driven for use with your installed compression system or a portable air compressor. Depending on the tool, agitators may be hand-held or clamp on to the side or top of the container. Agitators quickly mix paints, finishes, adhesives and other coatings to the preferred viscosities and ratios for use in your spraying system. Use agitators in your facility for:

  • Fast mixing: Pop the lid and get to work with agitators made for rapid coat mixing.
  • Clean operation: Mix right in the shipping container to keep your product from spilling.
  • Increased profits: No spills mean less waste, reducing overhead and increasing profits.
  • Simple use: Drum and tank agitators are durable and made for quick and easy operation.

Drum and Tote Agitators for Manufacturers

We carry a wide variety of products for high-volume paint systems by Graco, Binks, DeVilbiss and Autoquip. Our selection of Binks tote agitators and Graco drum agitators are highly versatile, appropriate for use with a range of coatings and containers and are easy to maintain. Their ease of mobility means you can mix virtually anywhere, reducing the time spent transferring and preparing materials for the production line.

Drum Agitators

We offer an extensive selection of drum agitators for mixing from a five-gallon pail kit to 55-gallon drums. These mixers work with open drums or attach through standard 2-inch bungs for mixing with a closed lid. Reusable drum covers are available.

Tote Agitators

Tote agitators attach to the top of IBC totes, mixing large volumes of coatings fast for use in paint spraying systems. Mix with confidence in a range of different tote sizes, including standard 275-gallon and 330-gallon sizes, and containers up to 1,000 gallons.

Why Choose C.H. Reed for Industrial Painting Equipment

Keep the production line moving with drum and tote agitators from Binks, DeVilbiss, Autoquip and Graco. At C.H. Reed, we only distribute products from top brands ensuring your equipment always meets or exceeds your expectations. We carry durable parts and components for upgrading your entire paint spraying system for less waste and better efficiency.

For expert help finding the right products and equipment for improving your painting process, send us a message. We have decades of experience helping customers find the right products to match their demands. We offer full walkthroughs to find all the ways our products can help you improve your production tempo and your bottom line.

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