Powder Booth Filters

If you have a powder booth in your facility, you need quality powder booth filters. For affordable, effective powder booth filters, come to the experts in industrial finishing solutions, C.H. Reed.

What Are Powder Booth Filters?

There are a number of ways to finish a metal part, whether you work with automotive parts, electronics or even large machines or vehicles. Two popular methods are spray painting and powder coating. If you apply a powder coating to finish your parts, you need to do it in a safe environment.

The best way to handle powder coating for metal parts is in a powder coating booth specially designed to contain the powder during application, making sure it doesn’t escape into the atmosphere. Critical to the functioning of these booths are quality powder coating filters. Our powder coating booth filters allow you to control the airflow into your powder coating booth, preventing excess powder from escaping and making sure the most powder possible goes where it is supposed to go.

Having quality filters in your powder booth protects your workers and the environment while reducing waste and saving materials.

About Our Powder Coating Booth Filters

Nordson powder coating booth filters are made specifically to work with powder coating spray booths. They feature a dimpled pleat design that maximizes the filter area. The precisely designed shape, number and spacing of these pleats mean you get uniform filtration, optimal efficiency and greater durability, along with a longer-life filter. Our filters feature a low-durometer one-piece gasket for an airtight seal, so you get exactly the airflow you want, without leaks.

Our filters are built to last, meaning fewer replacements, saving you time and money while ensuring you get the airflow and filtration you need.

Why Choose C.H. Reed as Your Powder Coating Filter Suppliers?

When you choose C.H. Reed as your powder coating filtration supplier, you can be confident you are getting maximum performance with minimal waste whenever you use your powder coating spray booth. If you’re familiar with C.H. Reed, you know that we have been providing equipment to enhance and optimize production across industries for over 70 years.

We specialize in a variety of production efficiency solutions, including finishing and fluid handling technologies. No one is more qualified to help you find the best equipment for your parts finishing needs. You can be sure that every powder coating filter you order from us will deliver long-lasting, high performance.

We’re happy to talk to you about the best finishing solutions and equipment for your business, whether that means spray booths, booth filters or related products. Our technicians are experts at analyzing business’ needs and identifying the most cost-effective, efficient solutions we can provide. We can help make sure your products look great and reflect the quality and care that you put into them.

To learn more about our powder coating booth filters or to place an order, contact C.H. Reed today.

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