Reciprocating Air Compressor Maintenance

All machines are nothing more than an assortment of moving parts, and anything with moving parts needs to be properly maintained on a regular basis to make sure it continues to work optimally. Your reciprocating air compressor will be subject to environmental conditions that create strain and wear on its parts, and proper reciprocating air compressor maintenance is the only way to counter these effects.


Reciprocating Air Compressor- Quincy QR 25

Top Quality Reciprocating Air Compressor Service

As providers of Quincy and FS Curtis compressed air products, C.H. Reed has the skill and experience to perform both Quincy reciprocating compressor maintenance and FS Curtis reciprocating compressor maintenance.

With decades of compressed air service experience, we know exactly what to do to maintain your reciprocating air compressor to minimize downtime and repair, achieve maximum performance and extend the life of your air compressor.

If you have a reciprocating air compressor in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia or throughout the Mid-Atlantic region — especially areas like Erie, PA, Hanover, PA, Pittsburgh, PA and Milton, PA, Toledo, OH and Cleveland, OH — contact C.H. Reed for your reciprocating air compressor parts and maintenance needs.

Quincy Reciprocating Air Compressor Maintenance Schedule

Quincy Compressor suggests following the steps to ensure optimal performance of your reciprocating air compressor:

Daily: Perform these steps daily or every 8 hours of use:

  • Check lubricant levels and make sure it never drops below mid-range of the gauge.
  • Empty water out of the receiver tank.
  • Visually check the entire unit and make sure safeguards are in place.
  • Check for leaks and vibrations.

Weekly: Perform these checks every week or every 40 hours:

  • Check pressure relief valves.
  • Clean surfaces of the unit and the intercooler.
  • Inspect unit and hoses for air leaks.
  • Clean air intake filter.

Monthly: Every month or every 160 hours, inspect the tension of the belts inside the compressor.

Quarterly: Every three months of every 500 hours:

  • Change out lubricant and inspect / change oil filter.
  • Inspect that the pulley nuts and screws are properly torqued

Biannually: Every six months of 1,000 hours:

  • Change our lubricant and inspect oil filter - change if needed:
  • Check valves for signs of leaks or carbon prints.
  • Clean the unit's crankcase.
  • Examine motor-area contact points and pressure switch diaphragm.

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