Air Compressor Preventative Maintenance Programs

Just like any piece of mechanical equipment, all air compressor systems require some form of routine maintenance to ensure continuous, efficient, and reliable performance. Air Compressor preventative maintenance programs are designed to identify potential problems in your compressed air system before they lead to expensive, emergency repairs. Preventative maintenance is a low-cost way to warrant an increase in an air compressor’s reliability compared to pricier, reactive repair situations down the road. Take, for example, a C.H. Reed Service Technician who identifies a cracked belt during a scheduled, routine inspection of your air compressor. The technician can replace that belt on the spot versus the costlier scenario where the belt breaks, the plant loses air, and production stops.

air compressor preventative maintenance program

6 Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Programs for Air Compressors

6 Benefits of Air Compressor Preventative MaintenanceNo matter how small or large your compressed air system is, it is vital to perform preventative, planned maintenance services on a routine basis.  Implementing a preventative maintenance schedule for your compressed air system yields substantial benefits:

  1. Preventative Maintenance Minimizes Downtime
    For many manufacturers around the world, equipment breakdowns are the largest source of lost production time. According to the analyst firm, Aberdeen Research, 82% of companies have experienced unplanned downtime over the last three years. This downtime can cost a company, depending on the size of their production, up to $260,000 an hour! Along with lost production, downtime can result in loss of customer trust and business. When a company fails to complete the recommended preventative maintenance, they run the risk of encountering air compressor performance issues with greater frequency. To minimize the risk of downtime, you need to perform planned maintenance without skipping a date, even when your air compressor appears to be running flawlessly.


  1. Preventative Maintenance Minimizes Costly Emergency Repairs
    If and when your compressor breaks down, you will need to get it up and running as quickly as possible. Not only can downtime cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity, but it can also cost you thousands of dollars in non-budgeted repairs. When compressor inspections and maintenance are performed on a regular schedule, it allows you to identify issues before they happen.


  1. Preventative Maintenance Lowers Energy Costs
    As stated before, preventative maintenance allows you to identify issues before they over-exert your system. This allows your air compressor to run smoother and more efficiently; translating to less electricity used to power your equipment. Remember, one horsepower of compressed air requires approximately eight horsepower of electricity. By increasing your system's efficiency through proper and routine maintenance, you'll enjoy significant energy savings for a healthier bottom line. Simply put, preventative maintenance plays a direct role in decreasing your monthly electric bill.


  1. Preventative Maintenance Increases Compressed Air System Life
    A huge benefit of preventative maintenance is that it increases the life and reliability of your whole system, not just your air compressor. When you calculate the up-front costs of a complete compressed air system, you want to ensure that you see a return on that investment via productivity, over time. Without regular inspections, check-ups, and tune-ups, your system’s reliability and efficiency decrease, lessening the returns that you otherwise could have achieved.


  1. Preventative Maintenance Lowers the Total Cost of Ownership
    Most of the costs involved in generating compressed air for your plant are not in the up-front purchase price of your compressed air system, but in the energy, it takes to operate the equipment. A general rule of thumb when calculating the true lifecycle cost of a compressed air system is that you will spend 12% on the initial purchase price, 12% on system maintenance, and 76% on electricity to power the system. As stated above, investing in preventative maintenance for your system can help increase system efficiency. With 76% of the total lifecycle cost of a compressed air system going to the electricity it takes to operate it, can you afford to have an inefficient system?


  1. Preventative Maintenance Provides Peace of Mind
    Last but not least, preventative maintenance programs provide you peace of mind knowing that your compressed air system is being properly cared for and monitored. You can breathe easy knowing that your system is running smoothly, minimizing interruptions, and saving you money in the long run. No matter what industry you are in, we know you face a host of daily challenges; an unreliable air compressor should not be one of them.



Air Compressor Preventative Maintenance Programs

Compressed Air Service Consultations

If you have questions or concerns about your compressed air system and what type of preventative maintenance program you should consider, our dedicated Compressed Air Service Consultant is here to help guide you. We will work with you to understand your business needs and provide advice concerning industry best practices regarding compressed air system maintenance.

Customized Planned Maintenance Programs from C.H. Reed

C.H. Reed can help you achieve optimal compressed air system performance with a customized planned maintenance program specific to your business’s needs. Our in-house and factory-trained, certified Service Technicians combine insightful industry knowledge and practical hands-on experience to ensure your compressed air system delivers reliable, efficient, and quality compressed air to your plant; minimizing downtime and saving you money. We are proficient in working on all brands, models, sizes, and types of compressed air systems. With a service footprint covering the whole mid-Atlantic region, C.H. Reed can help you meet your facility’s compressed air goals from one of our centralized branch locations:

If your business relies on compressed air, you need a partner with industry experience, knowledge, and expertise to keep your facility up and running. Eliminate guesswork, contact C.H. Reed to learn more about preventative maintenance programs, and start working with our service technicians today.

Air Compressor Preventative Maintenance

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