Air Compressor Filters

Air Compressor Filters

C.H. Reed understands the important role that air compressor filters play to ensure the longevity of your equipment, create clean, safe environments by removing harmful contaminants, reduce operational costs and greatly improve energy efficiency. For decades, our team has provided durable and effective equipment and compressed air filters for companies located throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and beyond.

Advant Air Compressed Air Filter Element

Advant Air Compressed Air Filter Element

With our extensive selection of compressed air filters and maintenance services, we guarantee lasting protection, productivity and equipment efficiency. We can also provide personalized solutions that will best accommodate your daily and long-term operational needs and fit within your budget.

A Variety of Compressed Air Filters at C.H. Reed

Compressed air filters are an integral part of your complete compressed air system. They successfully filter out and eliminate unwanted particles and aerosols, debris and other contaminants from entering the air stream that feeds your plant. By having quality compressed air filters, you can improve the service life and functionality of your equipment and system components, greatly increase productivity and energy efficiency and minimize maintenance and repair costs — which can lower your business’s overhead. With branch locations in Hanover, PA | Milton, PA | Erie, PA | Pittsburgh, PA | Cleveland, OH | and the Virginia Territory, we provide businesses throughout the mid-Atlantic with a wide selection of air compressor system filters, including:

  • Air and Oil Separator Elements: These compressed air filters separate and filter out large oil droplets from compressed air to minimize oil consumption in compressors and reduce oil content found throughout the environment's air.
  • Oil Filter Elements: Oil filters offer fine filtration for lubrication oils, hydraulic oils and cooling liquids. With its pleated structure, oil filters are effective for filtering a high surface area for superior dirt and contaminant retention and high separation efficiency.
  • Inlet Air Filters: Quality, clean air greatly affects the performance of gas turbines, and poor or contaminated air can cause power fluctuations and inefficiency. With C.H. Reed’s inlet air filters, you can experience higher filtration effectiveness and improved machinery performance.

Different Types of Compressed Air Filters

While air compressor filters perform similar general functions, there are several different types utilized for different filtration purposes and machinery. The most popular types of air compressor filters are:

  • Oil Separator Filters: Oil-injected compressors require a heavy-duty filter complete with a separator that can effectively lubricate the coalescing filter and separate oil and water from the air.
  • Particulate Filters: This filter is the best protector for air compressor equipment, removing a variety of contaminants including liquids, oil, water, dirt, rust and pipe scale.
  • Coalescing Filters: A coalescing filter is responsible for removing hazardous oil aerosols.
  • Absorber Filters: Absorber filters contain activated charcoal to improve air purification and remove oily vapors and unpleasant odor.
  • High-Temperature Particulate Filters: These filters are ideal to prevent fires caused by temperature spikes that can occasionally happen downstream of heated desiccant dryers.

Compressed Air Filters

Compressed Air Filters

Choosing the Right Compressor Filter

When selecting a new air compressor filter, it’s best to fully explore your options and choose products that best fit the make and model of your equipment, while improving effectiveness and productivity. Consider the following when choosing an air compressor filter:

  • Find a filter size with an inlet flow that can accommodate twice as much cubic feet per minute as your air compressor unit to improve efficiency.
  • Look for a filter with an exceptional extraction efficiency — remember that those with a 99.9 percent rating can remove nearly twice the amount of contamination as those with a 99.8 percent rating.
  • Select filters with a compatible operating temperature as your air compressor. Find one that works at the lowest possible temperature for your overall requirements.
  • Choose filters with a Delta P — pressure drop — with the lowest stat possible.

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At C.H. Reed, we supply and maintain a range of quality air compressor filters for businesses throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Southern New York, and Delaware. We strive to always offer the highest quality services and products for all of our customers, finding effective, efficient and reliable solutions that meet your specific operating needs. To learn more about our compressed air filtration products, call us today at 800-692-7216 or complete our online contact form.

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