Machinery Manufacturing

Compressed Air and Finishing Equipment for the Machinery Manufacturing Industry

Machinery Manufacturing

Machinery manufacturing companies, categorized under the 333 NAICS code, assemble parts into components, subassemblies, and complete machines. When manufacturing industrial and commercial machinery, there is a high demand for components that are produced for speed, precision, and quality. Throughout all types of manufacturing, air compressors and paint finishing equipment play a central role in the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the production process, and the quality of the finished product.

At C.H. Reed, we integrate a plethora of different types of compressed air systems and finishing equipment so you can find the correct solution for your unique needs.

About Machinery Manufacturing

The machinery manufacturing subsector creates products that are used to apply mechanical force to perform some type of work, for example, the application of gears and levers. It is a large and competitive sector of the U.S. economy. There are also many different industry subsectors within machinery manufacturing, such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • HVAC
  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Metalworking

These industries all rely on compressed air and paint finishing equipment for successful manufacturing processes and results.

How Are Compressed Air Equipment and Finishing Equipment Used in the Machinery Industry?

Companies that manufacture machinery are more reliant than ever on compressed air to power the equipment, tools, conveyors, and machinery they use to produce their products. They play essential roles in the many processes, such as powering the clamping devices that hold parts in place during assembly or operating the tools on the production line. Air compressors are used in many day-to-day applications like stamping, clamping, tooling, controls, cleaning, spraying, injection molding, and conveying just to name a few.

Paint finishing and powder coating equipment enable machinery manufacturers to achieve aesthetically appealing and consistent paint jobs/protective coatings on their finished products. From the paint spray booths that they paint their products in, to the paint application equipment, plural component metering systems, automated dispensing solutions, and fluid transfer and process pumps; they all play a role in achieving superior finish qualities for the machinery.


Why Partner With C.H. Reed?

For decades, we have helped over 500 machinery manufacturers power the tools and equipment they need to produce industry-leading products.

We have a wide range of solutions available, including sales and service of:

In addition, we also offer all the repair and maintenance services you need to maximize the capabilities of your compressed air and paint finishing equipment. Our factory-trained, safety certified service technicians help our customers ensure reliability, redundancy, and energy efficiencies in their facilities. With a variety of repair services, general system maintenance, training programs, and preventative maintenance programs, our core competencies are focused on meeting your compressed air and paint finishing goals:

  • Increased production efficiencies
  • Increased worker safety
  • Increased equipment reliability
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced material waste

Air compressors and paint equipment are vital to your business’s success. You need a partner with the industry experience, expertise, and knowledge to work with you and tailor impactful solutions that drive results. That’s where we come in. Contact us today to start the conversation.