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Compressed Air & Metal Manufacturing

Metal fabrication uses cutting, welding, forming, burning, and machining to create parts and structures from raw materials. The industry has seen stable growth in the United States over the last several years, as it is integral to other industries around the globe like construction, automotive, aerospace, and agriculture.

Quality compressed air equipment is necessary for many primary metal manufacturing processes, including:

  • Powering Tools
  • Forming
  • Mold press powering
  • Injection molding
  • Clamping
  • Cleaning
  • Powering Controls & Actuators
  • Spraying

A stable and clean air supply is vital to these processes. For this reason, air compressors have become standard equipment in metal fabrication. They can provide the power for tools and assist in making quality metal parts. At C.H. Reed, we have a wide array of compressed air equipment options that will perform reliably and lower your energy consumption; saving you from unplanned downtime and reducing your energy bill.


The Value of Air Compressors for Metal Fabrication

Machining, metal casting, fabricating, and other aspects of primary metal manufacturing use compressed air in their processes. Air that is clean, dry, and has a steady pressure is necessary for applications like laser and plasma cutting, precision multi-axis grinding, applying protective coatings, and paint spraying, just to name a few.

These systems and applications require specific working conditions (i.e. air pressure or moisture) and any fluctuations may cause product quality losses; leading to rework and lost time.

Grinders and other pneumatic hand tools that are used for these tasks need continuous, clean air to operate. If there are many tools in use at once, low pressure can slow down productivity. Shot, sand, and soda blasting tools that require high intermittent demands put a further strain on your air compressor and can cause pressure fluctuations. A reliable and energy-efficient air supply is crucial because it allows fabricators to keep a steady work pace.

Our Air Compressors for Metal Manufacturing

Our compressed air solutions for primary metal manufacturing will benefit your processes with clean and stable air sources. These compressors include:

Both are positive displacement compressors, yet have unique features suited to different needs. The team at C.H. Reed will help you decide which option is best for you.

Why Partner With C.H. Reed?

At C.H. Reed, we understand that air compressors are an integral part of your metal manufacturing processes. That's why we focus on providing compressed air solutions that are reliable, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain, resulting in minimal downtime, high productivity, and overall reduced maintenance spend. With our design & installation, maintenance, and repair services, we can help you implement the best comprehensive compressed air solution for your exact needs.

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