Pneumatic Hoses, Fluid Hoses and Fittings

A paint spraying system for finishing products like automotive parts, airplane parts, toys, electronics, transportation equipment, wood products, and other metal pieces (just to name a few) has a number of components. These components range from the paint material, the booth, the air filters and the spray gun apparatus, which includes a pneumatic hose and hose fittings. Your business needs the right accessories for your paint booth to function effectively. For reliable pneumatic hoses, fluid hoses and fittings in PA, OH, MD, VA, NY and WV, turn to C.H. Reed.

About Pneumatic Hoses, Fluid Hoses and Fittings

Without the right hose, a spray gun is a useless component. When equipped with the proper hose and fitting that allows your spray gun direct access to your paint reservoir, you have a powerful tool that can allow you to fully paint items quickly and efficiently, with little wasted paint. This means you need a hose that can handle pressurized fluid and will not tear or leak even in challenging industrial conditions.

About Our Products

At C.H. Reed, we offer top-quality pneumatic and fluid hoses, fittings, and accessories from high-quality brand names like Graco and Binks. We guarantee maximum performance and durability with the hoses and fittings we incorporate into our finishing solutions; providing you peace-of-mind when it comes to all of your industrial paint finishing projects.

These hoses and fittings connect directly to your spray gun to become a cohesive unit that you can use to paint part after part. Options include PLH-NP Nylon tubing, a tough but lightweight material that effortlessly transmits everything form paint and other water-based materials to enamel, solvent and lacquer. Our fittings also include quick connectors that attach the hose to the spray gun easily and allow for superior flow. If you are unsure about what type of hose or fittings that you need for your specific application, simply contact us and we can help you choose the right options.

Why Choose C.H. Reed for Fluid Hoses for Spray Guns

The company you know to call when you need a spray booth is also the one you can rely on to provide hoses, fittings and other paint finishing and powder coating accessories. C.H. Reed has been supplying paint spray booths and paint spray booth accessories to PA, OH, VA, WV, NY and MD businesses for decades. You can count on us to help you identify exactly which spray guns, hoses and fittings work best with your finishing process and which ones you can rely on to produce the results you need for your projects.

The undisputed experts when it comes to paint finishing and fluid handling technologies are at your disposal. Get in touch with C.H. Reed to learn more about pneumatic hoses, fluid hoses, and fittings, to get a quote on spray paint booth accessories or to get more information on the best way to use our products to your advantage. Time is money, so don’t delay. Fill out our contact form now.

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