spray booth filters

Spray Booth Filters

Paint booths are useful within a variety of industries. Whether you're painting automotive parts or large pieces of equipment, booths help to provide safety, efficiency and airflow management for your team. What's more, selecting the proper filter can add potential to spray booths, as filtration impacts the end result of a paint project.

If you start to notice imperfections in spray booth painting, it might be time for a new set of filters.

What Are Spray Booth Filters?

Manufacturers must regularly maintain machinery for employee safety and control over products. The need for maintenance practices becomes more important as your team works with potentially hazardous fumes and expensive coatings such as paint. C.H. Reed considers the needs behind spray booth filtration in order to keep your business processes running as smoothly as possible.

Spray booth filters guide airflow evenly across mechanical chambers for the delivery of paint to your products. The devices are available in various shapes, sizes, thicknesses and materials to capture pockets of dust and excess spray. Leaving spray booths without proper filters will cause your machinery to work harder, waste paint and decrease in productivity.

Paint Booth Filters From C.H. Reed

As a leading distributor of industrial paint spray booths, we supply the materials necessary to upkeep these systems. C.H. Reed works to supply the following paint booth filters to our local customers across Hanover, PA, Erie, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Milton, PA, Cleveland, OH, and throughout Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland:

  • Air makeup filters
  • Intake filters
  • Exhaust filters

Air Makeup Paint Booth Filters

Air makeup filters allow the proper volume of air to enter a paint booth at a given time. These types of paint filters remove large particles from the environment prior to them entering the booth. Air makeup paint filters extend the life of smaller filters throughout a system and include the following forms:

  • Pads
  • Panels
  • Aluminum
  • Bags

Intake Paint Booth Filters

Intake filters offer clean air to a paint booth. These pieces will free your projects from the burdens of contamination that ruin the look of a coating. When it comes to the placement and installation of intake filters, remember that you can usually find these devices within panels of a crossdraft system or within the ceiling of a downdraft booth.

Intake filters will be easy to locate, as they belong as close to where airflow travels as possible.

Exhaust Filters for Paint Booths

Exhaust filters will help to protect your shop and the workers within it. The function of exhaust filters is to capture over-spray and pollutants that are harmful to breathe in. Exhaust pad and panel filters keep the fans within your machine safe from damage through polyester or fiberglass materials.

Paint Booth Filter Maintenance at C.H. Reed

Ignoring the lifespan of your filters will damage your paint booth, coatings and projects. Being proactive with paint booth service is the key to correcting a small imperfection before it puts your business processes at risk. Fortunately, increasing your paint booth's efficiency will be simple if you work with C.H. Reed.

C.H. Reed wants to help you cut back on material waste and promote safe working environments for your team. Contact us today for more information about our selection of paint booth filters and maintenance services.

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