Scadar Compressed Air Auditing Equipment Compressed Air System Auditing

The Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) found that on average $3.2 billion dollars in energy costs are wasted annually by compressed air systems in the United States alone. In a single month, a 1/4" leak in your air compressor will result in a loss of 3 million cubic feet of air in a 100 PSIG system; a 107,000 kWh energy loss at power levels of 18 kW/100 cfm. If your electric rate is $0.10 per kW, this means you lost $10,700 to a 1/4" leak in a single month. If that leak goes undetected for a year, multiply $10,700 by 12 and you get an annual loss of $128,400. This nightmare of a scenario can easily be avoided through compressed air system auditing.

Compressed air system auditing services from C.H. Reed can help you identify cost-saving opportunities that you may not be aware of, hidden within your compressed air system. Our factory-trained certified compressed air technicians utilize SCADAR data logging technologies to help optimize compressed air performance by:

  • Examining your air usage
  • Verifying CFM output
  • Identifying artificial demands and production inefficiencies
  • Identifying inappropriate usage
  • Identifying and reducing pressure drops
  • Detecting and eliminating leaks
  • Recovering wasted heat
  • Proper and routine maintenance improvements
  • Utilizing compressed air controller technologies (where applicable)
  • And much more

Without unbiased, evidence-based data on how your air compressor (or vacuum pump) is performing, any vital decisions you make to your system will be based on "guesstimates" and possibly inaccurate calculations.  A compressed air system analysis, or air audit, will help provide a baseline on how your current air compressor is operating and help identify the hidden life cycle costs in your system. The data compiled from the audit can be used to make the necessary adjustments and corrections in your system; leading to lower energy and operating costs, on top of improved reliability and overall performance.

Replace guess-work with data - contact us today to schedule a compressed air system audit.