Our 3E Approach

Sustainability in Manufacturing

Manufacturers around the globe who grasp the importance of sustainable business practices are beginning to experience financial and enviromental benefits. Following economically-sound manufacturing processes minimize negative impacts on the environment while conserving natural resources and energy.

C.H. Reed's 3E Initiative

C.H. Reed developed our own 3E Initiative: Energy, Environment, & Ergonomics. By focusing on improving these three areas of manufacturing plants, the 3E Initiative can be used as a tool to refine the effectiveness of a plant’s process while reducing their footprint, improving product quality, reducing energy costs, and to help maintain worker safety.

EMS Consulting


Energy, Materials & Sustainability Consulting, LLC is a local, PA based consultancy with vast knowledge and expertise in sustainability & “green”, management systems, energy efficiency & conservation audits, material efficiency, clean & lean manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and training services in all these topics.

C.H. Reed has strategically partnered with EMS and completed a 20 hour sustainability training course taught by EMS founder, Warren Weaver. Our goal is to expand our customer’s capabilities using the 3E Initiative while providing insightful ideas and solutions that help them meet their goals.


Graco ProMix 2KE Proportioner

  • Reduces material waste
  • Shortens drying time
  • Reduces VOC's
  • Saves time > easy color change

Graco ProXP Electrostatic Spray Guns

  • Extremely high paint transfer efficiencies
  • Material savings
  • Lower VOC emissions
  • Faster finishing process

Compressed Air Leak Detection

  • Identify and detect air leaks
  • Eliminate wasted energy
  • Greatly reduces costs
  • Substaintial energy savings

Oil Water Separators

  • Eliminates oily discharge from air compressors
  • Eliminates 3rd party condensate disposal costs
  • Enviromentally sound
  • Greatly reduces pollution

Enhanced Material Handling Solutions

  • Greatly reduces workplace injuries
  • Speeds up assembly process
  • Eliminates material handling isssues
  • Work more comfortably and effectively

Energy Efficient Critical Fastening

  • Saves on energy costs compared to pneumatic tools
  • Extreme fastening accuracies
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Data logging and communication capabilities