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Protective Coating Application Equipment

C.H. Reed’s innovative, high-quality coating application solutions improve productivity, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and spray the highest solids coatings in the harshest environments. If you have a corrosion control application, ensure proper protection for your final product with C.H. Reed.

We’re proud to offer a host of superior protective coating equipment options from leading manufacturers, including:

Graco Protective Coating Equipment

Graco coating equipment features the most advanced technology on the market. You’ll find the ideal solution for spraying high solids, zinc-rich primers, single and plural protective coatings and much more. All Graco solutions deliver maximum accuracy, durability and dependability — regardless of your application.

Binks Protective Coating Equipment

The lineup of Binks coating equipment includes an assortment of low- and high-pressure automatic spray guns, fluid handling pumps, regulators, pressure feed tanks, electronic paint mixing systems and more. All Binks solutions are the result of more than 125 years of protective coating equipment innovation.


Spraying On Nonskid Coating Using The Graco M680 Mortar Pump:

Chemical-Resistant Coating Sprayers

The Graco and Binks industrial coating systems available at C.H. Reed include chemical-resistant sprayers that can prevent substrate deterioration caused by acids, solvents and other potentially destructive materials. These sprayers can apply a variety of epoxies and polyurethane coatings. They’re also easy to handle and can withstand the harshest operating conditions. Typical applications include spraying pre-cast concrete, holding tanks and pipelines in small shops, mid-size production facilities and even at remote jobsites.

chemical resistant coatings

Corrosion Protection Coating Sprayers

Our corrosion protection solutions include Graco airless sprayers that can apply everything from solids to a variety of solvent-free coatings. These versatile sprayers deliver a high-quality finish that will help to prevent the formation of rust on a wide range of materials. They also minimize waste to reduce your costs and protect the environment. What’s more, they can provide accurate ratios when mixing two-component materials. Use them for applying protective coatings to in-house plant piping systems, reinforced steel structures and various types of industrial equipment.

Graco EcoQuip Vapor Abrasive Blast EquipmentGraco EcoQuip Vapor Abrasive Blast Equipment

EcoQuip is Graco’s line of vapor abrasive blast equipment for coating removal and surface preparation applications. These units are available in portable, skid-mounted, and trailer build applications. Vapor abrasive blasting is very similar to dry blasting, except that the blast media used in vapor blasting is pre-moistened prior to impacting the surface, resulting in about 92% less dust created. It also works with a variety of abrasives, like garnet, crushed glass, coal slag, glass beads, plastic, shells, and baking soda. Graco EcoQuip is the fast, easy-to-use, and reliable alternative to dry abrasive blasting. To learn more about Graco’s EcoQuip line, take a look at this article and contact us for pricing and availability!

Fireproofing Sprayers

We also carry industrial coating systems for passive fire protection applications. You’ll find an assortment of sprayers that can accommodate fire-resistive materials as well as epoxy intumescent fireproofing coatings. They’re perfect for coating I-beams, storage tanks, structural steel components and much more.

Wear-Resistant Coating Sprayers

Our selection of wear-resistant coating sprayers makes it easy to apply bed liners to the underside of commercial vehicles as well as the areas of utility vehicles and fire trucks coated with slip-resistant materials. Typical users include aftermarket installers of turnkey OEM systems.

We Also Do Pump Rebuild/Reconditioning Work

graco merkur spray package

Besides selling high-quality industrial coating equipment, C.H. Reed also provides world-class service. We can perform expert pump rebuilding and reconditioning for Graco and Binks products, as well as those from other leading manufacturers like Sata, Anest Iwata and many other well-known brands. Our in-house team can restore your sprayer pumps to like-new condition, preventing the need to make a significant investment in new equipment. We’ll also do the work quickly to minimize unproductive downtime.

Make C.H. Reed the One-Stop Source for All Your Protective Coating Equipment

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C.H. Reed is a full-service provider of industrial coating systems and equipment. We have facilities in Hanover, Milton, Pittsburgh, and Erie, Pennsylvania, as well as Cleveland, Ohio, enabling us to serve companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. You can trust our more than 70 years of experience to provide the most reliable, cost-effective solution for your operation. Contact us for more information or to receive a no-obligation quote today.

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