Fluid and Air Regulators

Fluid and air systems operate at a high PSI — much higher than most applications demand. Pressure regulators reduce high-pressure systems to precision outputs for controlled flow of air or fluid for a range of commercial and industrial applications. At C.H Reed, we carry a wide selection of durable pressure regulators for consumer products, in-house industrial equipment and more.

The Benefits of Industrial Pressure Regulators

Choose from a large selection of precise pressure regulators in different materials to suit your applications. Partner with C.H. Reed as your supplier of fluid and air pressure regulators and take advantage of significant benefits, including:

  • Prevent leaks: Pressure regulators ensure controlled loads, reducing the risks for leaks from overpressure.
  • Reduce costs: Controlled output means an even flow, reducing product waste and defects, saving money on overhead.
  • Increase efficiency: Keep your system operating at peak performance with regulators designed for accurate output control.
  • Improve safety: Prevent blowouts, overspray, equipment failures and other hazards with a regulated flow of air or materials.
  • Better reliability: Gain peace of mind with our selection of pressure regulators, made for durable use under extreme conditions.

Fluid and Air Regulators From Top Manufacturers

At C.H. Reed, we have the regulators you need for reducing pressure to safe, controlled and workable levels. Choose from top brands, including a Binks air regulator and other products from ARO and Graco, made to meet your rugged demands. Regulate closed-loop systems with back-pressure regulators designed to maintain an even flow of pressure in systems with multiple dispense points, valves and more.

Fluid Regulators

Fluid regulators reduce high-pressure systems for an even flow of liquid. Our selection of fluid regulators offers the perfect solutions for controlling liquid flow, including paint, hydraulic fluid, oil, fuel, water and more. Whether installing a regulator in-line with your production equipment or using them in a manufactured product, get the reliability and accuracy you need with fluid pressure regulators from Binks, Aro and Graco.

Air Regulators

Control pressure in air pumps, pressure tanks and other pneumatic devices with pinpoint accuracy using our collection of ARO air regulators and other options from Graco and Binks. Find air regulators in the materials you need that match the unique specs you require. Our selection of regulators features different materials in a variety of styles for regulating the airflow in your system. Reduce complicated systems to the exact PSI output you need.

Why Partner With C.H. Reed?

We distribute quality air and fluid regulators, helping you achieve everything from a smooth coat of paint to a production line operating at top performance. Match the flow requirements you need, sustain high temperatures, control high operating pressures and much more with products by Binks, Graco and ARO. At C.H. Reed, we have decades of experience working with high-pressure systems, helping customers across multiple industries.

Get a complete system analysis and see where our products can help you improve safety, preserve your equipment and increase production times while reducing defects. Save time and money with our catalog of system components and equipment. To request a quote, schedule a walkthrough or speak to someone about the right fluid or air regulators for you, send us a message today.

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