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Binks Trophy AAv1600 Paint Application Spray Gun

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Paint Application Equipment

Industrial paint spray equipment technologies are rapidly advancing. Whether you’re looking for conventional, automatic, or electrostatic spray guns, or completely customized paint spray packages for metal, wood, plastic, and many more industries, C.H. Reed has the paint application equipment you need for the finest quality finishes. To learn more about the available paint spray technologies specific to your application, contact C.H. Reed to discuss your goals.

We offer high-quality paint application equipment from today’s leading manufacturers:

Graco Paint Equipment

From entry level paint spray equipment, to heavy-duty industrial paint sprayers for large, commercial painting applications, Graco manufactures the highest quality spray equipment that delivers superior finishes, every time.

Devilbiss, Ransburg, and Binks Paint Equipment

Carlisle Fluid Technologies’ three brands are industry leaders in industrial and automotive finishing and automotive refinishing. The Binks, Devilbiss, and Ransburg names have become synonymous with high quality atomisation, flexibility and transfer efficiency.

Paint Application Equipment for a Wide Range of Applications

graco spray gun paint application equipment

Graco Spray Gun Paint Application Equipment

At C.H. Reed, we utilize technologically advanced paint application equipment to meet our customer’s goals; whether that means enhanced finish quality, waste stream reductions, less re-work, improved process efficiencies, lower operating costs, or VOC reductions, C.H. Reed has a paint spraying solution for you.

Common Types of Industrial Painting Equipment

graco electrostatic paint application equipment

Graco Electrostatic Paint Application Equipment

  • Manual paint spray guns: A manual paint sprayer provides a cost-effective painting and coating solution. We offer manual sprayers that are the lightest and best balanced on the market. They also feature an ergonomic design that makes them easy to use while their rugged construction ensures they can handle the rigors of frequent, everyday use.
  • Automatic paint spray guns and rotary atomizers: An automatic paint sprayer offers the advantage of easy process repeat-ability, which ensures more reliable, consistent results. Automated sprayers can also help to minimize your material and labor costs. Rotary atomizers deliver superior performance for close-in painting applications.
  • Electrostatic paint spray guns: Electrostatic sprayers use compressed air to deliver a low-pressure paint stream that enables controlled atomization of the material. The electrically charged particles spread out as they exit the nozzle, which ensures a uniform coating. Airless electrostatic sprayers are also available and provide a high-pressure fluid supply that works well with high-viscosity and high-solid materials. To learn more about electrostatic spraying, check out this article and watch the video below.

  • Airless sprayers: Airless paint sprayers operate via a high-pressure pump that atomizes the coating. These systems are also compatible with a variety of nozzle tips that will allow you to alter atomization and spray pattern size to achieve the desired result. Airless guns are a good choice for painting work-pieces that contain crevices and pits, as they deliver better paint penetration. Because they apply a thicker coating, they can also minimize the amount of material required.


graco merkur spray package paint finishing equipment

Graco Merkur Spray Package Paint Finishing Equipment

  • Paint spray packages: C.H. Reed can also provide custom paint spray packages based on the types of work-pieces or surfaces you’re looking to paint. Our packages deliver an economical, all-in-one solution that can save time, reduce costs and improve finished results.


  • Paint gun rebuilds: C.H. Reed has the in-house expertise, tools and resources to reconstruct Graco, Binks, Devilbiss and Ransburg paint application equipment, as well as other leading brands. Paint gun rebuilds and refurbishing can restore your sprayers to like-new condition, which can prolong their lifespan and increase the time between equipment replacements.

Why Choose C.H. Reed as Your Paint Application Equipment Supplier?

We have more than 70 years of experience helping companies and manufacturers across a broad range of industries reach new levels of production efficiencies. We focus on our customers to ensure we deliver a customized solution that helps them overcome their unique manufacturing challenges. Our multiple facilities also allow us to provide reliable, localized service to companies in and around Erie, PA, Milton, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Hanover, PA, and Cleveland, OH. Our mid-Atlantic footprint also allows us to service all of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Deleware, and parts of New Jersey and Southern New York.

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To learn more about the available paint spray technologies specific to your business’s applications, contact C.H. Reed to discuss your goals. You can also give us a call at 800-692-7216.

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