Electrostatic Spray Guns: What Are the Benefits?

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April 17, 2019

Electrostatic Spray Guns: What Are the Benefits?


How do Electrostatic Spray Guns Work?

Electrostatic Spray Guns

Electrostatic spray guns are a distinct type of paint spray gun that applies an electric charge to the paint that is sprayed onto grounded objects. When sprayed with an electrostatic spray gun, the paint particles can actually change direction in midair (even up to 180 degrees) as they are attracted to the surface of the grounded object. This results in extremely high transfer efficiencies with little to no over-spray, saving you a lot of paint and materials. Additional benefits to electrostatic spraying include increased finished product quality, lower costs, environmental improvements – lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emissions, a reduced amount of over-spray cleanup, less re-work, and an overall faster production process.

Electrostatic Spray Guns

C.H. Reed can help your facility stand out above the rest with Graco’s state-of-the-art Pro XP Electrostatic Spray Guns. The Pro XP features smart control technologies that analyze your spray gun performance, can adapt to your voltage needs, troubleshoots to eliminate guesswork, and has a digital, diagnostic display screen designed for quick and easy cartridge change. Built-in dependability, increased productivity, and profit maximization are just a few key advantages you can expect. With a service footprint covering the entire mid-Atlantic region, and branch locations in Hanover, PA | Milton, PA | Erie, PA | Pittsburgh, PA | Cleveland, OH, C.H. Reed is your go-to partner for all your paint finishing needs.

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