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Air Compressor Oil Water Separator

Unless you're using an oil-free air compressor, your units rely on oil to provide lubrication, keep them cool and act as a sealant to prevent leaks during compression. Compressed air contains a high volume of vaporized water, which cools to form a liquid condensate consisting of a mixture of dirty, oily water. Oil water separators perform the essential function of purifying the water before it reaches the compressor's drain. C.H. Reed is a leading supplier of high-quality industrial oil water separators, and we also provide complete service and support.

How Does an Oil Water Separator Work?

Most air compressor oil water separators work via the principle of adsorption, which is a process by which one material, typically a liquid, "sticks" to another, typically a solid. An oil water separator contains polypropylene fibers that collect the oil from the mixture, separating it from the water. An activated carbon media then purifies the water before allowing it to flow to the drain for disposal.

Other types of industrial oil water separators on the market include:

  • Chemical absorption: These separators contain specially developed chemical media that attract oil and repel water.
  • Gravitational separation: These devices separate free oils that have migrated to the top of a settling tank containing condensate that flows from the compressor.
  • Mechanical separation: Mechanical separators use coalescers that cause separation through a drop in pressure.

Why Do You Need an Oil Water Separator for Air Compressors?

In many cases, drained air compressor water re-enters a municipal water system or reservoir. Failure to remove oil before draining can pollute the water supply and create other environmental hazards. An oil-water separator significantly reduces the risk of contamination, which will also prevent violations of EPA regulations such as the Clean Water Act, as well as state-specific laws. Your air compressor will also operate more cleanly and efficiently, which can improve performance and prolong the lifespan of the equipment.

Air Compressor Oil Water Separators From Leading Manufacturers

C.H. Reed carries a wide selection of industrial oil water separators from leading manufacturers such as Quincy, Nano, Jorc and Summit. Each of these companies has a stellar reputation for producing high-quality equipment that performs flawlessly, even in the most demanding work environments. We also have the expertise to help you select the right compressed air equipment for your needs and budget.

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C.H. Reed can also help you keep your oil water separators in peak operating condition. Our value-added solutions include preventative maintenance and general repair services that can reduce equipment downtime and lower your long-term operating and ownership costs. With locations in Hanover, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Milton, PA, Erie, PA and Cleveland, OH, we can deliver prompt, reliable service to companies throughout PA, OH, MD, DE, VA and WV.

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