Pressure Pots and Tank Agitators

Heavy-duty pressure pots and tank agitators are essential for any commercial painting operation. At C.H. Reed, we carry a large selection of pots and agitators for in-line attachment with your industrial spraying systems. Prepare, thin or condition your coatings to achieve the right chemical balance for flawless application.

The Benefits of Pressure Pots and Tank Agitators

Pressure pots come with different size tanks and multiple designs to suit a range of coating applications across industries. Pots operate off compressed air systems and attach to HVLP or conventional paint sprayers for even and pressurized application of paints and other liquids. Agitators mix fluids for the right chemical balance and keep them from settling, getting the most from your materials and products. Some of the top benefits include:

  • ASME code compliance: Our collection of industrial pressure pots are ASME compliant for reliable quality and safety.
  • Precise mixture control: Get the precise mixture you need, prepared and pressurized for instant use in a spray system.
  • Rapid material changeovers: Swap liquids fast with disposable liners, made to fit your pots and designed for cleanliness.
  • Quick and simple cleanup: Pressure tanks and agitators are easy to maintain, helping speed up preparation for the next cycle.

Quality Brands We Carry

Browse our selection of industrial painting products from Graco and Binks for dependable use in high-volume paint kitchens. We only carry products from top manufacturers for products you can count on for heavy use with virtually all paints, fluids and solvents. Together, Graco and Binks represent over 200 years of experience in the paint industry for quality and dependability you can trust.

Pressure Pots

Store and pressurize large volumes of paint and other fluids using equipment made for industrial and manufacturing operations. Use our pressure pots for automotive coatings, wood finishes, paints, adhesives and more. A Graco or Binks pressure pot is easy to install, operate and maintain for more time spent on production. Find the right Graco pressure pot, made to PED, ATEX and ASME compliance standards,  for your facility.

Tank Agitators

Tank agitators keep paints, stains and other fluids loaded into your pressure pot mixed for optimal application. Choose from a large selection of agitators and keep your solids mixed and in suspension. Agitators blend a wide range of viscosities, so fluids are on-demand and ready for spraying. Reduce waste and save on overhead by keeping your fluids mixed, eliminating settling and wasted material. Choose from built-in pot agitators or smaller tools for hand mixing.

Your Partner for Industrial Painting Supplies

At C.H. Reed, we carry a large selection of pressure pots, tank agitators and other industrial equipment for spraying high volumes of fluids. Our team will help you find all the right equipment to boost efficiency, reduce downtime and improve your production processes. To get a quote or for help getting started, send us a message today and start improving your bottom line.

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