Paint Finishing Supervision and Maintenance Training Services

Great painting and finishing processes can be the edge that sets your company above your competition. But even the finest paints and the best industrial painting equipment can’t help you if you don’t have the skilled personnel to run and operate them. That’s why C.H. Reed is sharing our industrial finishing expertise with you by training our partners on paint finishing and fluid handling best practices throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

For those in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and the general Mid-Atlantic region, we offer local sales and service to the following locations and surrounding areas:

Industrial Painter Training With the Experts

The best way to get expert painters is through expert training — and at C.H. Reed, we have a team of highly skilled, factory-trained finishing experts ready to impart their knowledge to your employees. Our training programs include proper industrial paint equipment technique, operation, and maintenance for your personnel to assist with your plant’s finishing and fluid goals and initiatives.

Whether you are starting fresh with a new industrial painting team, adding new talent, or your existing personnel need to freshen up their skills, C.H. Reed's Finishing Specialists can help.

Industrial Paint Finishing Equipment

Paint Finishing Training and Equipment Maintenance Features

Our carefully designed painting and painting maintenance training programs can give your employees the knowledge they need to do the job right:

  • Field training exercises for in-plant service personnel: We can analyze your facility to learn the specific painting equipment you are using and how you are using it. This helps us tailor our on-site exercises to ensure your painting personnel are getting the specific information they need, and so you can see that they have integrated that information correctly.
  • Paint and fluid best practices for continuous improvement: We will train your employees on the best ways to make sure you are maximizing the benefits of your paint application machines for better and better results.
  • Hands-on experience: Employees learn both by listening and doing. We can impart the information they need in a lecture environment and then give them the opportunity to try it out themselves in a controlled situation.

What We Teach

Through our industrial painting training and supervision services, your team will learn things like the proper way to apply powder coating and paint for maximum accuracy and efficiency with minimum waste, how to perform painting and finishing equipment maintenance tasks in order to reduce the likelihood of major repairs, help avoid sudden breakdowns, increase productivity, reduce waste, and extend the life of your machines, and how to help make sure you are getting a consistent finish with each job, every time.

Other skills your painting team can learn through our training include safety and environmental concerns when it comes to paint finishing applications and how to keep costs down while generating quality results.

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C.H. Reed's Finishing and Fluid Handling Department's goal is to maximize the effectiveness of businesses that are "finishing" manufactured products throughout our mid-Atlantic footprint. This includes manufacturers located in PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, OH, and parts of NY. Proper training leads to superior product qualities, cost savings, less downtime, safer working environments, and waste stream and VOC reductions, just to name a few. To learn more about C.H. Reed's paint finishing supervision and maintenance training programs, simply contact us today to start the conversation. We'll put you in touch with one of our finishing experts who can field any questions you may have about these programs.

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