Paint Cups and Liners

Once you have your paint spray booth, the necessary air filters, the spray gun and hose and the paint, you're almost ready to finish any airplane part, automobile part, wood product, or any product that your industry requires. But there’s one thing missing. Without the paint cups to contain your paint and supply it to your gravity-feed or suction-feed spray gun (if that's the kind of setup you're using), and the paint liners to protect those cups, your job is over before it begins. C.H. Reed can supply you with the right paint cups and liners for all your paint finishing jobs.

What Are Paint Cups and Liners?

Your paint cups are the components that supply your spray gun. You connect the hose to the spray gun on one end and the filled paint cup on the other and you’re ready to spray. You can’t just use any cups and liners for your spray painting, however.

It’s important that you find cups designed to make it easy to mix, collect and spray your paint so you can maximize your efficiency, finishing jobs faster and wasting less paint. C.H. Reed has all the paint cups and liners you need.

About Our Paint Cups and Liners

We supply paint cups and liners from two top brands, both of which make paint cups and liners that optimize efficiency. Ask us about our:

  • 3M PPS Cups™/3M PPS™ Liners: 3M PPS (paint preparation system) cups and liners boost efficiency by allowing you to mix paint directly in the cup. This means there is no need to use separate mixing cups and strainers and then transfer the paint to your spray paint cup. These cups can connect to your spray paint gun with special adapters that allow you to spray from any angle.
  • Devilbiss® Dekups® Cups/Devilbiss Dekups Liners: Our Devilbiss Dekups Gravity Feed Disposable Cups also allow you to mix and spray in the same cup. They work with just about any type of coating and come with an assortment of filters to suit your needs. The positive lock connection means there will be no leakage between the hose and the cup, and because these cups are disposable, you don’t have to worry about wasting time cleaning them.

Benefits of Paint Cups and Liners From C.H. Reed

You can rely on the performance of any spray paint accessory you order from C.H. Reed. We have been providing fluid handling and paint finishing solutions for over half a century and are always making sure that our customers have the highest quality state-of-the-art products at their disposal.

You can order your complete spray paint finishing system from C.H. Reed, from the spray booth to the air filters to the spray gun and related parts, and be fully confident that your system will do the job efficiently and each component will last. To find out more about paint cups and liners from C.H. Reed, contact us online now.

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