Nitrogen and Oxygen Generation Systems

Nitrogen Generators

A nitrogen generator can produce nitrogen gas for industrial use by separating nitrogen molecules from a stream of compressed air. When using a nitrogen generator, it's possible to achieve a purity level approaching 100% while also attaining a more usable flow and pressure. C.H. Reed is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality nitrogen generation systems from leading manufacturers, along with the best service in the industry.

Why Choose a Nitrogen Generation System Over Nitrogen Bottles?

Your company may still rely on nitrogen in bottle or liquid form provided by a third-party supplier. When you consider all the costs associated with receiving bottled nitrogen — including rental and delivery fees, refills and environmental "taxes" — it's easy to see how the practice limits your profitability. Safety issues can also result from storing nitrogen containers on your property.

A nitrogen generator from C.H. Reed necessitates only a one-time purchase and delivers nitrogen on demand, so you'll be able to produce as much or as little nitrogen gas as your applications require. You'll have complete control over your nitrogen usage, and you'll incur much lower long-term costs. Even better, you won't have to worry about safety hazards created by keeping high-pressure bottled nitrogen at your facility. Switching to a nitrogen generator is in every company's best interests.

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Work?

We primarily deal with Pneumatech and Nano brands of nitrogen and oxygen generators. Both brands offer two types of systems, and each works differently to achieve a similar result:

  • PSA: A pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator uses pretreated compressed air that enters the bottom of a tower and flows upward through a carbon molecular sieve. The sieve removes oxygen and other gases from the air via adsorption and permits the passage of nitrogen. At a preset time, the online tower switches to regenerative mode, which vents contaminants and purifies the nitrogen.
  • Membrane: This type of nitrogen generation system contains a set of hollow membrane fibers that separate nitrogen from the air feed through selective permeation. The nitrogen moves onward through the distribution system, while the oxygen and vaporized water are released into the atmosphere.

Pneumatech Nitrogen Generators

An Example of a Nitrogen Generator in Action

A nitrogen generation system has numerous industrial applications. One example is in aluminum degassing operations. The casting of aluminum can lead to the formation of hydrogen gas, which causes impurities that create weak points in the finished product. Using a nitrogen generator to introduce nitrogen to the molten aluminum can remove the hydrogen gas. The nitrogen bubbles attract the hydrogen, carry it to the surface and release it into the atmosphere, which prevents the formation of hydrogen pockets in the aluminum. To learn more about this application, check out this blog post.

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