Nitrogen Generators for Aluminum Degassing


Nitrogen Generators for Aluminum Degassing

A local aluminum foundry was experiencing issues with impurities in their aluminum castings and needed a quick, complete package solution to improve the quality of their finished product.

When aluminum is cast, impurities known as inclusions can create weak points in the product. One of the most prevalent causes of these impurities is the presence of hydrogen in the molten aluminum due to atmospheric humidity, combustion in gas furnaces, condensation on tools, fluxes, and alloy additives.

Hydrogen gas is soluble in liquid aluminum and can pass through it almost as easy as it passes through air. As the liquid metal cools and becomes hard, the hydrogen flows from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure which creates pockets of gas. When the metal solidifies, those pockets become inclusions and weak spots in the castings.

The demand for higher quality aluminum products is progressively on the rise, especially in cutting edge industries like aerospace. Degassing is a process used to remove the hydrogen from the molten aluminum. The most popular degassing method involves introducing nitrogen gas into the liquid aluminum. The hydrogen causing these inclusions is simply drawn to the nitrogen bubbles, then carried up through to the surface and released, thus eliminating the hydrogen gas pockets causing the impurities.


On-site nitrogen generators for aluminum degassing are the most effective and safest way to supply nitrogen into your process. Some advantages of nitrogen generators compared to bulk cylinder tanks include:

  • Easy installation process (plug and play systems)
  • Improved efficiencies (no gas is wasted)
  • Worker safety (no more handling heavy, high pressure gas cylinders)
  • Continuous supply (operates 24/7)
  • Cost effectiveness (typically pays for itself in 24 months)


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