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Industrial Cooling Systems

C.H. Reed is well-versed in all types of process cooling, process heating, and custom heat recovery systems. Whether you need a standard system or a custom-engineered solution, we can help you meet your goals.


Compressed Air Cooling Systems

hydrothrift cooling system

Simply put, closed-loop cooling tower systems provide a means of removing waste heat generated by machinery and all types of manufacturing processes. A pump is used to circulate water to the heat-producing parts of equipment or process (heat load), where heat is transferred to the water. After, the water is then pumped to the cooling tower where it gets cooled. C.H. Reed offers a wide-array of different types of Hydrothrift:

  • Hydrothrift Closed-Loop Dry-Type (CD) Cooling System: Dry-type cooling systems use ambient air to provide cooling with zero discharge water. Dry-type cooling systems are typically less expensive to operate and require minimal maintenance.
  • Hydrothrift Closed-Loop Evaporative-Type (CE) Cooling System: This type of system uses a closed-circuit evaporative fluid cooler and the process of evaporation to get rid of heat from the coolant. An evaporative fluid cooler is made up of a serpentine steel coil, galvanized on the exterior surface, a water basin, a spray pump with water-distribution piping, and a fan.
  • Hydrothrift Closed- Loop Liquid-to-Liquid (PCX) Cooling System: This type of cooling system utilizes shell-and-tube or plate-and-frame heat exchangers to transfer heat from one cooling fluid to another. The coolant is dispersed through the heat load, absorbing waste heat.
  • Hydrothrift Closed-Loop Chilled Water (CW) Cooling System: Hydrothrift’s chilled water-cooling systems remove heat from machines and processes by supplying a continuous, efficient stream of coolant that ranges from 20 to 90 degrees F. The pump and chiller control package regulates the necessary temperature, flow rates, and heat exchange; providing a trouble-free, economical, and low maintenance system.
  • Hydrothrift Open Evaporative (OE) Cooling System: In applications where an evaporative-type, closed loop (CE) system cannot be used, an Open Evaporative (OE) cooling system will be obtainable. These systems are generally more economical in terms of up-front costs, however, they typically require more maintenance because of scaling, fouling, and water treatment packages. OE-type systems are also operated where heat transfer fluids, such as glycols, are not permitted, or the cooling medium comes in direct contact with products, such as plastic and aluminum extrusions.
  • Hydrothrift Heat Recovery: Any plant with heat-producing equipment and machinery can save millions of BTUs a day and keep heating costs to a minimum with a heat recovery system. Heat recovery systems basically dissipate heat directly back into your plant or into ductwork to be transferred to other areas. This otherwise “lost heat” becomes a useful utility. Contact us to learn more.

Nano Purification Solutions

nano process water chillers

Nano Purification Solutions is a world-class manufacturer of leading-edge compressed air and gas solutions and process cooling equipment.

  • Nano C1 Industrial Process Water Chillers: Nano’s C1 Chillers operate in a closed-circuit (open-circuit optional), offering extremely accurate water temperature control and rapid response to changes in ambient and thermal load. C1 Industrial Process Chillers are manufactured with quality components, offer optimum energy efficiency, are easy to install, are environmentally friendly, and have a patented “NO FROST” in-tank evaporator. The C1’s design has been perfected, repeatedly proven, and have stood the test of time in virtually every industry and application all over the world.  
  • Nano Aftercoolers: Clean, dry compressed air is essential in almost every manufacturing environment around the globe. Nano created the X1 series of high-performance aftercoolers to ensure performance and energy efficiency, downstream.

How Do Compressed Air Aftercoolers Work?nano aftercoolers

Aftercoolers are basically heat exchangers that are used to cool discharged air from an air compressor. They can use either water or air and provide an effective method of removing moisture from the compressed air that feeds your plant. Aftercoolers reduce the amount of water vapor in a compressed air system by condensing the water vapor into liquid form. This protects your downstream equipment from both moisture and extreme heat. An excellent way to reduce moisture in a compressed air system is to combine aftercoolers with a separator. Compressed air aftercoolers are designed to work on most models of rotary screw and reciprocating (piston) air compressors. Contact C.H. Reed to learn more.

C.H. Reed is your compressed air-cooling systems experts. With decades of experience engineering and designing compressed air systems for manufacturers throughout the mid-Atlantic region, we can help you design the most efficient and productive system for your most strenuous applications.  

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