Air Compressors for Woodworking

In nearly every step of the woodworking process, you'll find air compressors hard at work. They help with everything from lifting and cutting the wood to finishing it with an even coat of wood stain. Air compressor systems deliver reliability and convenient tool use in many different woodworking applications.

At C.H. Reed, we understand the needs of our partners in the woodworking sector and carry a wide range of air compressors.

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How the Woodworking Industry Uses Air Compressors

On its path from a tree to a dining room table, a piece of wood will encounter air compressors in many different tools and applications. Here's how the industry uses air compressors and wood finishing equipment.


When it comes to cutting felled logs into manageable wood panels, planks and other shapes, sawmills use air compressors and a wide range of equipment, such as:

  • Desiccant air dryers to remove moisture from the air and keep the system cool and dry.
  • Air receivers to store excess compressed air.
  • Demand controllers to adjust to changes in pressure demands.
  • Pressure-treating systems to force preservative agents deep into the wood.
  • Lifting, sorting, and handling equipment.


Manufacturing plants also use various tools with air compressors for tasks such as framing, upholstering, nailing, drilling, and blowing off sawdust. Other jobs include material handling tasks such as lifting and sorting. Pneumatic tools can make it possible or much easier to lift heavy loads of wood, creating a faster and safer process for workers. Another process that requires air in the wood product manufacturing sector includes hold-down applications, like CNC routing tables. These tables utilize industrial vacuum pumps to hold materials in place while the machine is in use.

Typically, furniture and wood product makers will use rotary screw compressors, reciprocating air compressors, and industrial vacuum pumps for the many different wood manufacturing applications.


Air compressor tools also make quick work of finishing tasks, including painting and staining. They allow you to get even results and an attractive coating with wood spray finishing equipment such as spray guns.

Wood finishing is a particularly popular application of air compressors since they offer some significant advantages over brushing or rolling paint and coatings on. Sprayers get into all the nooks and crannies, offer speeds appropriate for industrial operations, and can reduce imperfections such as clumps and drips.


Choosing the Right Air Compressors for Woodworking

Picking an air compressor for a woodworking operation involves many different factors. You need to consider the space available in your facility and the demands of your woodworking equipment. Some tools will use more air or power, and some facilities have to run on quiet, large, or oil-free designs to meet certain needs.

At C.H. Reed, we carry a wide selection of air compressors for nearly any application and can help you choose the one with the best balance of efficiency, performance, and cost for your business.

Woodworking Air Compressors From C.H. Reed

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