Compressed Air Leak Detection

Compressed Air Leaks

Compressed Air Leak Detection

In a single month, a ¼” leak in your compressed air system will result in a loss of 3 million cubic feet of air in a 100 PSIG system. This amounts to 107,000 kWh energy loss at power levels of 18 kW/100 cfm (a $10,700 value at $0.10 per kW.) The higher your system’s pressure, the more expensive the loss!

Compressed air system efficiency can be significantly compromised by air leaks. On average, air leaks are responsible for 20-30% loss in total air in most manufacturing plants. In cases where no compressed air system maintenance is performed and leaks go undetected, the loss can exceed 50%.

How energy efficient is your compressed air system?

Contact C.H. Reed to schedule an ultrasonic leak detection analysis. Using structured compressed air data analysis and reporting tools, we can help you identify air leaks, share detailed metrics and analytics, and help identify cost-saving opportunities that increase energy efficiency and profitability for your business.